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  1. Well we fished Saturday morning from 8:30am to about noon we set up toward the south end of the lake in 19 feet of water. Did not have much luck a few real small perch and 1 medium crappie. The fish were there marked them on the flasher all morning but they did not want to bite. Derek
  2. We are heading up to a friend's cabin that is on Lake Amacoy this weekend and we have never had very good luck at all on Amacoy I am looking for insight on other lakes in the area and on Amacoy what has been producing we are looking for anything that bites, panfish to Pike and everything in between. Any help would be appriciated. I will report how we do when we get back. Thanks for any help guys! Derek
  3. Has anyone been on the Little Falls Flowage lately? Thinking about heading up there this Saturday wondering how the bite has been there and where to target some pan fish action (crappies perch blue gills) as I have never fished here before. Any help would be great! Thanks Derek
  4. Wondering if anyone has been on Lake Eau Galle lately I am heading down that way this weekend to give it a shot just wondering about ice conditions and if they are driving vehicles out there now? Also any reports on the bite would be appriciated. Thanks! Derek
  5. Any reports for Menomin any species thinking about heading over tomorrow I have never fished this lake before also not sure where the boat landings are? Any help would be appriciated just looking to speed up the search for fish. Thanks in advance Derek
  6. The size limit was still 18" we had a group of 12 guys and caught well over 200 fish for the weekend with only 1 keeper of 21" all the rest were 14-17" Alot of fun but too bad we didn't get more keepers.
  7. Going to Sand Lake by Hayward this weekend for the walleye opener just wondering if there are any reports as to what I can expect for the walleye fishing? Thanks in advance
  8. Anyone on here been fishing Lake Eau Galle? Going to be heading down there this Saturday to do some pan fishing. How are the ice conditions are they good enough to drive my truck out there? How has the bite been lately? Thanks for the help Derek
  9. I will be heading up to Lake Amacoy this coming Wednesday and am curious what the ice thickness is there? Thinking about brining the 4 wheeler hoping there is enough ice for that. Also has anyone been fishing out there if so how has the fishing been? Looking for walleyes and panfish. Never fished this lake before so any info or pointers would be appriciated. I will post how we do when I get back. Thanks for the help! Derek
  10. DJ's 20th Annual Chippewa River Fishing Contest When: Saturday July 25th, 2009 Starts at 12am Sat. morning Weigh in is 4pm Sat. afternoon. Where: Durand, WI $10 entry fee register at River Edge or Ryan's Sports Shop in Durand before midnight July 24th. 100% payback Bass (Large or Small Mouth) Walleye/Sauger Northern Catfish Rough Fish Door Prizes and lots of Fun! Any questions call Gary Pickering Jr. at 715-495-7116 or Kim Pickering at 715-495-4899
  11. Well the camping trip was alot of fun, but the fishing was not very good at all. The biggest fish we managed was two 18" northerns. How does that saying go A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work! We found that to be true this past week. Very nice place there at Trail's End we will definatly be back up there again. Derek Borchardt
  12. Thanks again for the info guys! Where is the nearest bait shop to Trail's End Campground? Thanks, Derek
  13. Thank you for the info guys the only question I have is I can not find on my map the Ring bar you talk about I have all the others that you mentioned except that one. Also what do you target the walleyes with (jigs, crankbaits, slip bobbers) If you could let me know where ring bar is located that would be great. Thanks Derek
  14. I am taking my Dad on a fishing trip to Lac Courte Oreilles for his birthday and father's day and I am looking for some information as to how the bite is for Walleyes, Crappies, and Smallies? It is our first trip to the lake where is a good area to target each? We also might try our luck at Muskies any info on them would also be greatly appriciated. We are going to be heading up there Wed. June 17th and coming home Sat. Jun. 20th. Will be staying at Trails End Campground. Thanks in advance for any info. Derek Borchardt
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