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  1. Last spring I went at the end of April and sat in a blind at the Prairie Chicken Lek in Glacial Ridge. I witnessed both Prairie Chickens as well as Sharptails, and have to say it is an experience that is beyond words. The birds were close....as in close measured in inches. Many times birds danced on top of the blind I was sitting in. Being quiet is important to being close...as even whispering seemed to push them away a bit. I shot with the 20d and 70-200 f4. Focal length was not a problem, but I did crave more speed...as the closest and best action took place early morning. The blind information came to me via The Nature Conservancy.
  2. Been lurking to long again....decided it was time to share. Yeti
  3. Hmmmm...interesting. Naive...but, interesting. First,,,generalizations like this are always dangerous. Maybe you have heard of these organizations, DU, Delta, MWA??? While probably not as effective as PF locally....they are notable and quality organizations. Also...habitat restoration that attracts and sustains pheasants also benefits ducks...as well as numerous other species. I think your views are narrow and short sighted. Lets not forget that waterfowl are migratory birds....unlike pheasants and deer..we can't sustain a poplulation of ducks on a given property. But the real bottom line is that most Minnesota residents don't have access to enough acreage to do the things you are talking about...and to say that duck hunters do nothing to enhance their hunting is just plain wrong. This is a poor sales tactic. yeti
  4. Yeti

    Windmill at Dawn...

    In the words of my teenage daughter.....OMG....that rocks! Yeti
  5. .....adee, that is! I was pretty excited to snap this one. I was set up to party with the ducks and geese...and these guys crashed. Usually my luck with Chickadees is a bunch of blurry shots, odd poses, and no eyes. Today...the victory is mine! Yeti
  6. Dang it.....now I want to go fishing. Way to go....
  7. There are other mis-directed souls out there. (Picture taken on Sunday...-4 degrees) This one had friends as well....all equally uncooperative.
  8. Yeti

    Good Eatin'

    Sure....I'm sitting here...eating a turkey and ham sandwich...looking at these...and it still tastes like turkey and ham...I'm guessing there are no left overs!!
  9. Yeti

    Wild flower ID please!

    Yup....but can you pronounce it!! I can get the Canada part out just fine....but the Anomone part takes some real effort
  10. Yeti

    Cloning opinion please

    I'm always a fan of the stuff in the background as long as it is not too distracting...and in this case I don't believe it is...with the exception of the "tan" area to the left of the birds head....it almost looks like something in the forground out of focus or maybe lens dust?? I love the composition of the shot...and I appreciate the difficulty in getting a pic of these crazy things standing still...nice job.
  11. Very nice. While we have a fight or flight instinct....these critters simply have a fight instinct!!
  12. Yeti

    After the Storm Part 2

    If you can't get the BIF pic...then go with the PIF pics!! I love the machinery pics.....but the PIF pics really made me smile...Thank You!!!
  13. Yeti

    Daffy and co.

    Nothing beats a little mallard belly...I like 2 and 4.
  14. Yeti

    Swan Lake....

    Thanks all. The picture was taken the week before Christmas....when the weather was really nice (-4 which is my favorite). The river is magical when it gets that cold...if you look close you can see the frost built up on the backs of the birds....the fog coming off the river...chunks of ice bumping and grinding. I can't get enough!