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  1. Is it okay to remove the snap, replace with a split ring in the loop and connect directly to bait with only one split ring?
  2. Own the same auger, experienced the same problem with leaky gas tank at first. What I did was tighten down the vent cap screw all the way. (not caring about the rubber seal, because as you noted, it doesn't seal) So far, an exceptional product for under $300. Running 40:1 leaf blower mix with no issues.
  3. Looking to see if anyone has any feedback on this app for the LG optimus phone...with T-Mobile.
  4. Expo was great, fun to see all the little future anglers. Got a beckman net at the swap meet and an ap lure. Met some cool people, learned a bunch. Great event
  5. This is what I've noticed as well.
  6. When throwing tops, would you advise keeping the rod tip up, with the leader out of the water during the retrieve, or Do you keep the rod low, making the leader be under water.
  7. How do existing owners rate this reel?
  8. Have not caught a ski on it yet, but I love my double willow CJ Black and yellow double single hook tandem fished in the weeds!
  9. As a client of half a dozen guides in the last 3 years I'll say this: Make sure you know the *DNR* regulations in and out and don't take any shortcuts. In some cases, you are setting an example. It should be a good example. It isn't all about getting to the limit. my .02
  10. Does the sledge perform better in calmer conditions with a faster retrieve? When I've thrown mine during wavier conditions, I can't get the good side to side flash. I have the non weighted 9 inch. Using a 6/9 jerkbait rod. HS 6400 Also, online research shows it to be a good high speed trolling bait. curious if what if any alterations to leader and swivels are preferred.
  11. ....It was that weeds don't slowly load up a 7'6 heavy rod while throwing a 9 inch jerkbait at prime time during optimum solunar phase. Large female acrobatic muskies do that.
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