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  1. Anyone have any reports on Dogtooth?
  2. How much longer my back is killing me!
  3. BIG DAVE everthings write except the budeiser gota go wit michelob's in da bottle in ice.
  4. Got to agree the linders & takasaki are 5 star first class fisherman. Babe is a fake.
  5. Got to disagree OL"ROY I've wittnessed the opposite.They probably don't all do it but at least one does.
  6. Babe cookin wit chris has got to go, and try to do a show where you actually catch the fish and are not caught a week ahead of time just to make you look like some big smart fishin guy.
  7. Ted Takasaki was a world champ walleye tourney guy before his show
  8. Butch Furtman has not had an original thought since moby Dick was a minnow!!!
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