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  1. It wouldn't surprise me...about 5 yrs ago on Cass Lake my buddy caught a blue perch....kept it alive and in the resort's tub until a DNR guy could come over...claims it does happen so why not a gold crappie too then?
  2. The "it" was no power on throttle down. I guess we were lucky on the maiden voyage when it seemed to run fine. The dealer said something about failing a test...prob the compression test....and needing 2 valves and some other stuff replaced. Looks like the best choice is for us to either put $2k into a more recent year used motor and replace/junk ours or dump/sell it. Thanks guys for all your input. Oh yeah, I sure hope that old farmer who sold us this lemon can sleep well.
  3. Any and all advice is appreciated: We bought a 1976 Commander (built in Rockford, IL) / very similar to a Tuffy model with a 1976 Johnson 55HP and a trailer which is in decent shape. We put new tires on trailer and a new depthfinder so wa are $2,000 into this setup. We used it once and it was fine. On 2nd trip, had lots of trouble with it dying out while trying to get going...it started ok, but then no power when pushing throttle forward and it would die out. 2 dealers say they need $2,000 to rebuild the motor to solve it. First question is does it sound like that is a fair estimate and next question is what does rebuilding an engine entail? If i need to sell it, how do we go about selling something with a known problem...if that inded will even fix the problem?
  4. I fish Cass in June and have only done Sept once but I know it is a great Fall walleye lake too. I recommend Birch Villa Resort on Cass....you can't beat the covered boat stalls there and Tony and Sabrina are top-notch hosts. It is on the SW shoreline but is within boating of lots of structure/drops for jig fishing. Also it is near to Bemidji for the shopping your wife might want to do. On the North shoreline of Cass, with access to the lakes mentioned earlier, I recommend Horseshoe Resort....Clark runs a great operation there for fishermen. But out in front of Horseshoe is so much walleye fishing I doubt you'd need to travel far. Good luck.
  5. Pretty sure you meant 'accidentally on purpose' huh JB? Mine were jig 'n' shiner and a nice one on a bobber with a leech in June
  6. Advanced apology to the serious side of this thread, but my mentor always said: "it's easier to find the hole if there's some hair around it".
  7. When he fills out his insurance claim, make sure he doesn't forget those two really expensive reels that were taken which just happen to be worth about the amount of his deductible..........
  8. NEVER EVER eat raw fish of any kind caught from any lake. If you ever get to see a video of someone who caught the parasite/worms from doing so, you would never, ever eat raw/uncooked fish ('cept maybe at a Sushi restaurant)--unless maybe you are lost at sea on a desserted island and need to eat them raw just to survive.
  9. Deputy Fife for sure, plus Gomer and Goober, and the Darlins, but nobody made me laugh more than Ernest T. Bass. And how bout that group that lived in the house with a "Ceee-ment" Pond--the Clampett's: Jed, Grannie, Jethro Bodine, and...va-va-va-voom: Elly May!
  10. So many good characters on many good shows. Taxi: Reverend Jim, Latka, Louie DePalma... Cheers: Coach, Woody, Cliff, Carla... and the gang from MASH... and all those guys who ALWAYS got their man --- like McGarret of Five-O, or Mannix, or Baretta
  11. How 'bout some of those MMA fighters???? Pretty tough guyz for sure.
  12. Very funny Da_Chise...LOL...not bad coming from a guy from Little Bohemia. Yep....Company Crappies....nobody can tell the diff between deep fried Rockies and other pannies...especially after 3 beers or Scotches! Look, we feel a limit of 30 Rockies beats 6 Walters anyday. But then again, we have been accused of being meathogs. On the other hand, I would not intentionally buy Rockies at the market. Good fishin' everyone...open water is on its way! Yeeeehaaaa!
  13. We always fish for Rockies....love those 3/4 lbers...and think they are similar in taste to bluegills. As to the grub issue, I think that depends on the body of water you fish 'em. We fish the Cass chain and those on Cass are grub-free. Occassionally in shallow water we run into some with grubs but not too often even then.
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