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  1. Far-I

    Auto Parts

    i like rock auto's site. thanks! the tune up is for and window is broken in my wifes '99 Windstar. I have seen a couple youtube vids for the window, doesn't seem so bad if everything goes as planned, but nothing usually does
  2. Far-I

    Auto Parts

    Thanks for the advice. That Barracuda is a pretty specific example..haha, personal experience? I just want to replace her fuel filter and spark plugs for one thing, so I'm certain I can handle that. I am also considering fixing the broken passenger side power window. That one makes me a little nervous because I'm not sure all the different things it could be... i recently replaced a broken fan motor so now I think i know what I'm doing, but that is pretty far from the case, but it felt good!
  3. Where's the best place to get parts either in person or online? Good quality parts for a fair price are better in my opinion than super cheap parts. I'm going to try doing a couple of things to my wife's vehicle and if it works then maybe I'll work on my own truck, if it doesn't work.....
  4. Far-I

    Loving the new iPilot

    I wish you could program a route at home on GIS, contour elite, LM etc... software onto a SD card or something to load right into the trolling motor. My guess it that will be coming in the future. The tracking option seems great for being on the water and dialing in the weedline. I really am leaning towards selling my smaller boat and using some of the money to buy one of these. I think the spot lock feature would be invaluable to me, and as mentioned I too fish with children quite a bit, and in a wind, using traditional methods, i find myself getting flustered sometimes. Battery drain would be my biggest concern because i would want to run my trolling motor quite a bit. just have to plan correctly and not skimp on the power source.
  5. Far-I

    Good bait shop along highway 10?

    Stop Light Bait right off highway 10 where the Copper Kettle is in St Cloud. They are a small mom and pop who always have the freshest minnnows.
  6. Far-I

    Garage Pulley System Question

    Thanks for the responses. I am looking forward to a picture if you post it Mike. I checked the Racor system...looks very nice. maybe interested in saving a few bucks on a simpler solution, i am just renting a house at the moment and this would be just a somewhat temporary rig...that said it isnt completly out of the question to buy it and take it with to the next house...its just that every spring i get an itch to fiddle with stuff thinking i am a "do-it-youyrselfer" (when in fact i am not ) and since i am out of boats to modify i thought this would serve the handy-man purpose hahaha. (with plenty of ideas and advice from you guys of course.
  7. I did a couple quick searches but came up empty. I am looking for any of the threads that show peoples homemade storage systems for their ice fishing gear in the summer, up above everything else. Maybe some of you have done this as well, and would like to share what works and what doesn't. Thanks a ton!
  8. Far-I

    Rauch to Jays

    Another name for the bullpen hat, and a good one, Dusty Hughes! Signed on waivers from the Royals....heeehaw! The royals are losing all their arms this year aren't they. must realize they dont stand a chance with MN being dominant and CHi and Det both seriously beefing up too. Bring on some baseball!
  9. Far-I

    hot dogs under a tip up

    try a corn-dog for beer-battered pike straight outa the hole
  10. Far-I


    Make sure WAAS is enabled on your unit, and that you are in the correct datum and units as your friend, or any software/maps that u may use in the future
  11. Far-I

    Rauch to Jays

    what about Manship? is going to be around at all?
  12. Far-I

    Purchasing a Handhelp GPS

    Radio shack should have a serial port/ usb adapter cord. I have an etrex for the ice still, and download my mapping software directly to the GPS before going out. Very handy. I really like being able to do my research and looking at data on the laptop as well.
  13. Far-I

    Anyone have a favorite Nick Punto moment?

    [PoorWordUsage] but he worked hard and played where he was needed, and had many many outstanding plays on the field. The Cards got a bargain. Feel bad for the guy, 4 million the last couple years was kind of high, and 5 million, no way! but to go down to 700,000 seems kinda shabby, we coulda forked that over!
  14. Far-I

    Twins resigned Pavano

    cliff was a better free agent. he got swooped a long time ago. Pavano's the man though! Can't wait!
  15. Far-I

    Twins resigned Pavano