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  1. id like to get one elso dont know if i forgot my email but here it is [email protected] thanks
  2. Went out 4-6-2006 and had a lot of luck!! I caught 3 walleyes between 16 and 19"....I threw those back...I also caught a 12" walleye...threw him back to....then caught a 24 1/2" walleye and kept that one!! Went to my father-in-laws house to get the pic's taken below!!! Also to get a fish cleaning 101 class again for the 3rd yr in a row!! I caught all the on a white mister twister with a green lead head courtisy of Tim from (Contact US Regarding This Word).com ...
  3. i have a garmin etrx legend..its only 2 years old when i have it on ill get some funky lines across the screen or if i set it down somewhere when its on it will turn it self off...ive put new batteries in it and it still does it. my question is this....garmin wants 99.00 to go through it prices include complete factory overhaul to new required specifications Prices include the latest software where applicable. go this way or go buy another one they are like 170.00 at walmart and most stores ive been looking and you can get them cheaper off hsolist..i really like this etrex legend.. what could be wrong with it??i just got back from tampa flordia and it worked fine the time i was down there....could it be somewhat the cold weather??
  4. ive heard that if you start catching/snagging sheep head when your fishing for walleyes the walleyes will be right behind them feeding on them.....
  5. my favorite is in spring time at dams casting a jig...then when ice gets off lakes and the temp goes up i start trolling lakes with number 5 shad raps....
  6. me and my wife will be there but not fishing the tourney..i sold all my ice stuff years ago for a gun.. and besides everytime i went ice fishing i caught baby bluegills every fish i caught was too small tooo keep so i gave it up for hunting... wish i didnt do that.....looking to get back into ice fishing again...
  7. MY wife does go fishing with me from time to time..i taught her how we catch walleyes on crankbaits know when we go all she wants to do is troll troll troll.....if i want to try drifting she will stop fishing till i start trolling again then she drops her crankbait back out...she gets mad when i stop trolling....she has caught some really good fish....she enjoys going fishing just has much has i do......
  8. MY FAVORITE ROD IS THE ST CROIX AVID SERIOUS RODS... ------------------ "If it doesn't have teeth and a white spot on it's tail, I don't want it in my boat"
  9. I USE A ELECTRIC SMOKER..all you have is a water pan and a little pan you put your wood in that and place it right over the heater element.its an old one my father in law had it didnt use it for years so i got it from him..know that i got it i use it all the time..i smoke alot of pork on mine...i put mine on close the lid and forget about it till its time to take it off..one thing i found out is about 2 hours before you take it off the smoker add your favorite barbque sauce and let it go for about 2 hours take it off and enjoy.. sometimes when your smoking something big like a turkey you may want to nuke it in microwave first all that does is brings the temp up on bird then throw it on smoker
  10. does anyone have any good recipes for smoking a turkey.. i got one out of a book you inject honey into it and brush it over the top of the bird..does anyone have another recipe??? does anyone have a good brine mixture to use??? i use a electric smoker one of the easiest to use just add your water pan and wood ------------------ "If it doesn't have teeth and a white spot on it's tail, I don't want it in my boat"
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