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  1. Reddog I was getting excited to see the next picture of your bedded deer, I can't imagine that scenerio in real life. What a rush! Awesome skill to be able to do that consistently. Good Luck, if you need it.
  2. Couple of our better ones: The Meat Stand: still productive 40 years later Virgin Stand: shot a buck the first hour I was in it Aquarium: an old aquriam stand in the swamp we sit on and we have a bambi land and beaver pond stand too, hope we don't see each other there this weekend. Good Luck to all.
  3. Ok let's hear that schedule......and a leaderboard update, thanks.
  4. Never too early to start thinking about next year. Any secrets you Miller boys want to let out of the bag?
  5. Het Tom did you guys move the deadline back a week, it said April 16th in the rules I believe. I was just counting the days down hoping we get into the one. Totally understand though that you want all touring teams. Take care, Tim
  6. Well since we are out for sport I'd rather shoot a small buck than a doe. In our area it is a challenge to see any buck, while seeing a doe is a fairly common occurance. We hunt all public land and are in one of the only remaining areas where there is a lottery to get a doe permit, we need to apply otherwise we can only legally shoot a buck. And I don't understand why people think there are no big bucks out there, every year there are monsters taken from public land, many times we don't even know they are there. If we increase the avg. antler size then the definition of a trophy will go up, it's all relative. If your proud of your fork horn then that's good enough. By the way we do pass on bucks sometimes. We usually try to get one buck hanging and then for that guy to shoot another it has to be a wall hanger.
  7. I appreciate the honest, no sarcasm answer, I didn't think they could all fight like that.
  8. Thanks for the welcome to the darkside, but I'm not sure about the catfish leap, although that creature you're holding I imagine was probably fun to catch.
  9. I have to admit I'm a walleye guy, but a couple weekends ago while night fishing I caught a huge smallie on Mille Lacs. I figure some of you diehard bass guys or regulars at Mille Lacs would have an idea how much it weighed. It was end of September and it was 20 1/8". It was as fat as a football, sorry no girth measuremants, but I couldn't hold her from the side with one hand. My rough estimate was 6lbs. Am I in the ballpark? I didn't think bass bit at night. It was cool though because we were fishing with lighted bobbers and when the light started to rise you knew the water was about to explode. She did that 3 times and all you'd really see was a shadow and a splash. I could be converted to bass fishing if it is that much fun. Thanks for the input.
  10. Can anyone give me a brief summary of what happened on Sunday? What was winning weight, how many fish weighed, how many zeros, and any over 26". Thanks
  11. Hey Tom and Jim just got my Outdoor News this week and was excited to see the Lida lakes on the back. But after I started reading about the new regulations going on it this year I was pretty bummed ( 17-26" protected ). Are you still planning on going there I doubt it would change our decision to fish the MWT this year, but it was sure nice to get away from those slots like Mille Lacs and Winnie last year. Probably to late in the game to switch, but just wondering if you had an ace up your sleeve.
  12. Could you explain to me how to adjust mine, I was on Mille Lacs yesterday and must have restarted it 150 times. Any breeze would blow it out or a bump and it was out. Ready to return it unless I can get that flame bigger. Thanks
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