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  1. Hautmann brothers have some nice prints and some turkey stamp wins to proof it. I believe Jim and Joe have both won.
  2. Definitely worth learning how to use a diaphram call. Like others say it leaves your hands free. It is my go to call and I have called in ten times more birds with mouth calls than any other. Box and slate calls are my next favorite. Depending on where you are setting up and possible bird hang ups, decoys and blinds have there place. I have been turkey hunting for over twenty years and I use a decoy maybe 10-15% of the time. I am usually not in one place long enough and don't like carrying it around. I also like the tom to look for me and not be able spot the bird from way off. Toms naturally expect the hen to come to them. So if the tom can see the decoy, it can expect the decoy to see it struttin around and expect the decoy to come to him. There are times when I have used a dec and it made the difference. I like one hen and a jake. Then I might just go with the hen, depending on space. I usually put one at 20 yds and the other at 40 yds. Never have either straight on to me or with each other. I usually have on slightly left and the other slightly right. That way the incoming bird hopefully won't be staring straight at me for very long if at all. Blinds I have not used much, up until this last spring. We had friends come down from the North shore last spring and I set up the blind and the decs in a crp field. Worked great and had jakes around the blind for over an hour on two different days. Turkeys do not seem to mind blinds in my short experience and from what others have told me. Anyway, it is a great time to be out in the woods again. With a blind and some chairs you may even consider bringing the girlfriend out so she can experience what you love to do. Or not, we all need our sanctuaries. Good luck!
  3. wooly1

    Turkey mounts?

    What I have done is different. I have one tail mount and didn't want a bunch more so what I do is cut the beard off and borax it, I then cut the legs on both sides of the spurs. Once they are all dry, I wrap the beard end in a small piece of deer skin. With the spurs I pull the tendon and drill out the leg bone to thread some deer hide strips through. I then tie the dangling spurs to the deer hide patch at the one end of the beard. I then hang them off my antlers. Different and doesn't take up alot of space.
  4. The best way to heat and cool a home or cabin is geothermal. It cost more in the beginning but the pay back is awesome and heating and cooling bills will be in the low 100's of dollars for the whole year. Payback in less than ten years. Very minimal heating/cooling the rest of your ownership and re-coup your investment if you ever sell.
  5. I've changed LP companies 3x in the past 12 years. It is just as easy as Barony states. First time I switched it was because the Company was bought by another and they were more expensive with poor service. Switched to a local Co-op, service was worse, price was better. Wife just switched again to another more customer friendly company with good prices. Another co-op. Initially we had a 1000 gal tank. Told 2nd company we wanted to move tank off yard to more concealed spot, they brought in a 500 lb tank and relocated to new spot. This last switch the wife requested a 1000 lb again. They didn't want to bring it to our home but wife told them we have a treacherous winter drive way and they agreed. Wife doesn't like unannounced Company, that's why she likes the 1000# tank. All companies did this without issue even pumping remaining gas into new. They always install a new house regulator.
  6. Currently don't have pics but I'll see what i can do. I would go with decking floor though. Pallets do not get it off the ground enough for my liking. My desk floor is about 12" above the ground to ensure ventilation and no moisture migration for the ground. I guess it all depends on how much you will use and how much you are going to store. For me I am just using it for my fireplaces so I store more than I use and I also want to be able to store green wood in there if I want with sufficient stockpile to let it dry before I get to it. Hunting season is here, I have to break out the camera anyway.
  7. Slothin, I built one two years ago out of 4x4 treated post with 1x6 decking. All treated. I built it to last and it should. I went with 10'x10' size. The front of the roof is about 8' from the floor and in the back it is at 6'. Probably more slope than I needed but still has plenty of space. the only thing I did not figure in correctly was the weight of the fire wood green. I did add to more 4x4 post under the deck. I designed and built on site same day. Nothing fancy and my skills are marginal. Good luck on your project. P.S. I just need to get it shingled now. I do have treated plywood roof.
  8. wooly1

    Jake vs. Tom

    Take the shot presented by the first legal bearded turkey. It may be your one and only shot. I know from first hand experience jakes taste just as good as toms, just smaller in size. Most seasons you can only count on one decent chance for a shot. The its up to you to deliver. My .02
  9. Thanks Deepportage! Now to get enough grip to pull the springs. That beats tearing it down more though. Thanks for the tip.
  10. How do I go about replacing the metal/lead? doughnut between the manifold pipe and muffler pipe? Is it as simple as getting those two springs off and I have enough movement to slide it in or am I going to have to remove a tire for access and dismantle more to get this bugger in?
  11. Thanks Phred52, Sounds like the solution to my problem. I have a 60" Polaris plow. On hard pack or compacted icy slick snow, plow rides up and resists digging in. Weight/heavier cutting blade sounds like a solution. Thanks to all that replied.
  12. wooly1


    My 700 had the same cold weather starting issue. The carb update fixed the problem. Totally different machine since then. Now it starts like it should in winter/cold weather. Also when trailering make sure you turn off gas tank valve.
  13. Thanks guys, Yes, I use the angle adjustment to help with the cut. My skid pads are still on. My ashalt driveway is about 25 years old, so its rough. I guess thats the price I have to pay not to shuck out the aggregate, not a clean cut with the plow. Just have to let the sun work on it when I don't get the results I want. Thanks for the feedback
  14. Does anyone add weight to the top of your plow? In some snow conditions it seems my plow will ride up a bit on the snow. Not getting the bite I would like to get the drive way clean. Any suggestions?
  15. Best season ever! Only because my 13 year old son got a dandy 8 point buck. He dropped in its tracks. It was still twitching so he fired four more times, hitting it once more. First shot got its aorta and double lung. Proud Papa. As for the rest of us I saw 7 deer total, passed on a small 8 and a spike. Two other hunters saw one deer. Not alot of shooting around Turtle River/Bemidji. I believe the warm weather kept the deer bedded most of the day with movement happening mostly at night. Good news - I have a hunting partner for life now. I told him next year he gets to clean his own and mine because I gutted his this year. He doesn't know but I was just kidding. I'll happily gut his and mine for at least the next ten years as long as we are hunting together.
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