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  1. KEN W

    2019 Gardens

    What did you do wrong? Mine are all up. Time to start the cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower etc.
  2. KEN W

    2019 Gardens

    My tomatoes and peppers are all up. Off came the plastic and under florescent lights. More than enough came up. Bottom heat helps. I have 11 varieties of tomatoes and 4 peppers. Some of my tomatoes are heirlooms. So I will only plant 1 of each of those to I can get new seeds from all of them.
  3. KEN W

    2019 Gardens

    Started tomatoes and peppers past weekend. Have them on a heating pad. none up yet. Tomatoes should start poking through in a few more days. Peppers take longer......next week for them.
  4. KEN W

    2019 Gardens

    Yes......I have a half dozen or so. Quite a few 2019 now available on the internet. Getting to the end of 2018 onions,potatoes, and carrots.
  5. KEN W

    2018 gardens

    Potatoes and carrots still in the ground. They don't need to come out yet. They keep the best in the ground until it looks like the ground will freeze. Carrots get sweeter with freezes.Still picking fall raspberries.
  6. P. S. Seasoning has a Memorial Say sale of 20% off everything plus free shipping on orders over $30.
  7. Wow.....surprised, I planted 25 Fort Laramie everbearers last week and they all look like they are growing. All have new small leaves starting to show up. I will be planting 25 more plus 25 Cabot Junebearers at my daughter's new home next week. All came from Jungs Seeds. I planted them in pallets with every other board taken out. Used Miracle Grow garden soil that has 3 months fertilizer in it.
  8. You will need netting to keep the robins from getting to them. They start pecking them as soon as they start to turn red. Either get bird netting from one of the box stores. Or go to a craft store and buy some green porous fabric. My dad had an interesting way to keep them out. Take some berry sized rocks and paint them red.Scatter them throughout your berries before they start to ripen. It won't take long for the birds to figure out to leave them alone.
  9. No such thing as a dumb question...You can mix them up. But it is easier to group them separately because they will bloom and produce at different times. I believe the Ogallala produces first. Easy to tell them apart.....Ogallala has darker green leaves than Ft. Laramie. If you need soil to put in your tower.....use Garden Soil that has fertilizer in it from 1 of the box stores. I will be putting mine into three 3/6 raised beds. I will mix it with peat moss and composted cow manure.....all from 1 of the box stores.
  10. There are 3 kinds of strawberries.....June bearing, everbearing, and day neutral. June bearers get a lot of berries once in the summer. Everbearers get them twice and day-neutrals get them all summer. Day-neutrals sound great .....berries all summer.....but unless you have a lot of them....you get a handful every couple days. They are the ones you see in the grocery store. I have grown pretty much all the everbearers and quite a few day neutrals Depending on how many you want, you have a large number to choose from.Sold in packs of 25. I prefer the everbearers. They will have berries in the early summer and again in fall. Not as many varieties to choose from. Ozark Beauty, Ogallala, and Fort Laramie. Ogallala is a little tart. Ozark Beauty is questionable hardy. I would go with FT.Laramie. They are sweet and produce well. They are hardy with a straw cover in winter. In fact, I am getting 50 of those next month to plant at one of my daughter's house. They will come from Jung's, located in Wisc. They are planted 1 foot apart in double rows. Cut off all daughter plants and pick off all blossoms until August. Then let them blossom and produce fruit. Cover with 6 inches of straw after the ground freezes. DO NOT USE HAY. Bales of hay are full of weed seeds.
  11. Yup.....those are the ones I use also. Work just fine. 1 con.....the rolls are 50 ft. long and don't fit into a machine with bag storage, so you have to cut them by hand. But the price is excellent.
  12. Fish are the only thing I still deep fry. And I also put tin foil in the bottom to make cleanup easier. My2 air fryers sit on the counter all the time.
  13. KEN W

    2018 gardens

    Go to any of their websites and ask for a catalog. They are all free. Do lots of comparing. Some specialize in certain vegies. Some in others. I order from Jungs pretty much every year. I also order quite a bit from Pinetree out of Maine. I really don't like having to order large packets with enough seed for a couple years.Pinetree has smaller packets that cost less. So I can order fresh seed every year. Usually I order 5-6 veg. from NDSU to trial and compare 2 different varieties for .50 a packet.
  14. KEN W

    2018 gardens

    I have a lot this year. My 10 year old grand daughter will be helping me. I am a test gardener for NDSU and she will be picking the trials and judging them in the fall. Burpee Seedsnsuch RH Shumway Jung Gurney Garden Trends Twilley Harris Veseys Seed Savers Johnny's Neseed Henry Field's Territorial Pinetree Park Farmer
  15. Yeah too cold to use the smoker. The only way I have been able to use an electric smoker when it is this cold is to bring it into the entry way for an hour to warm it up. I will be making a bunch of sausage and hot dogs next week. So I will be using powdered or liquid smoke and either cooking them in the oven or turkey roaster in a hot water bath.
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