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  1. Hello, I've heard of and seem photos of massive carp taken from Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota and I would like to give the lake a try. Although I do live in Minnesota I'm a long drive away from Mille Lacs and if I do go it would have to be at least a weekend trip. I've never attempted to fish the lake before and I know nothing about good places to fish or stay. Since it is such a large lake I figured I'd ask to see if anyone could help me out as far as places I should consider fishing for the weekend to catch some large carp. I don't have a lot of extra money so I'll probably just sleep in my car so if you know a parking lot or something close to the fishing spot that would be great! I'm also unsure of what method to use as far as bait. I was planning on fishing with maize or boilies but if something happens to be working well on the lake right now I'd love to hear about it. Any help would be really appreciated and if you know a good spot but don't want to post any secrets or something like that you can email me at [email protected] and I promise to keep them. I'm only catch and release and I won't litter your spot or anything so you won't have any concerns as far as that goes. Thanks for any and all help or suggestions! I look forward to reading some replies! ~Kyle
  2. Carp-fisher, Please drop me an email at [email protected] Carp fishing is probably my favorite hobby and I'd love to discuss tactics, locations, etc with you. Maybe we could even do some carping together?
  3. Could you please share with me a good way to present cut bait when using a tipup? For example: approximate depth, size of cut bait, rig, hook size, etc. Thanks
  4. Will pike go for cut fish (like sucker or sheepshead for example) just as well as live fish? The reason is because I want to target some pike through the ice, jigging on one rod and then setup a tip-up near by. Unfortunatly there aren't any bait shops nearby so live bait isn't an option. I do have some cut drum (for catfishing) in the freezer that I could use though and I'm wondering if setting up a tipup with a hunk of fish meat on it would be worth a try. Opinions?
  5. Has anyone tried fishing for sturgeon in the Mississippi river in Hastings before or heard of them caught there?
  6. Are the flathead catfish still biting or have they started slowing down by now? Has anyone tried the Mississippi river in Hastings by the lock and dam for flatheads before?
  7. "I would pass on shooting buffalo myself. It's the responsible thing to do as a sportsman." The problem is many bow fisherman probably don't even know the difference let alone care. Most people that would consider shooting carp for fun think carp and suckers, including buffalo, are all "bottom feeding trash fish".
  8. I agree with Muskie-searcher and I think you guys are jerks for attacking him when he states his opinion. "Carp are not a native species and for the most part wreak havoc in the waters they occupy, why not shoot the h$%% out of 'em and use 'em for fertilizer" I wonder why people don't kill brown trout??? They are not native and were actually brought here from Germany just like the carp was. You ask why not shoot the carp, well I'll give you an answer (even though I'm sure you aren't smart enough to listen). OK, when bow fishing you go for the biggest carp you can, correct? Well every water can only support a specific amount of life depending upon the amount of available food, size of the water, etc. If you kill a 50lb carp 20 5lb carp could live in its place. One excuse people give for killing carp is that they muddy up the water by rooting around on the bottom. Many waters that large populations of carp inhabit have crystal clear water as well as plenty of aquatic plants and healthy game fish populations. Muddy water is actually caused by humans from runoff whether it be runoff of mud into streams. roads, parking lots, and farms all create areas where water flows over the land before it can ever soak in. it picks up mud, and runs into the local waterways. carp are just prevalent in waters where bass and other game fish have declined simply because they are the only fish who can survive human caused problems. People see this and think that carp have caused it because they are one of the only species of fish that can live there. Another reason why carp may overpopulate an area is because the DNR isn't doing its job and managing the water. They could Introduce more predator type fish(flatheads, crappie, bass, etc.) and place a slot limit on them or a C&R only until the carp are under control. "It's all about $$. If you research Hybrid Striped Bass (Wipers), they are actually more of a hazard to game fish than carp. They hybrids actually search out crappie and bass nests to feast on the eggs, and will wipe out a years hatch of fry if they are schooled up on. But......because Hybrid fishing is a "big industry" in Ohio, the Ohio DNR doesn't say anything about that." "There are a good number of studies that would indicate that carp are not the evil habitat destroyers in the water system (this was a predominant view from WAAAAAY back in fisheries management history), but are actually for the most part quite the opposite. The predator/prey relationship with pike is a good example. Pike, given a choice, will choose a soft-finned prey of appropriate size over a spiny-finned (read perch, bass, sunfish here) option nearly 100% of the time. This includes carp. Adding carp to a pike fishery has been shown to increase size and overall population health, since in an optimum environ a pike will seek out prey up to 33% of their body mass. Whoever your quoted management official is, he would seem not to have kept up with current data or statistics. Quite a few management agencies are even using carp to control the weed explosions brought about by boaters who bring non-native plant material from lake to lake with their boats via bilges or simply weeds clinging to the hull." See, the predator population can actually increase when carp are introduced. But if you start killing the pike, muskies and other large predators your throwing the predator/prey balance out of line and allowing more carp to live in that biomass. Nature can effectively balance itself out but when you go out and start killing carp and predators in order to try to help the environment your doing much more harm then good! Long ago there was once a law in MN that said you had to kill all the carp that you caught. Why do you think they changed that? Well for the same reason I just stated, it does more harm then good. Many of the lakes and rivers I fish for carp have balanced fish populations with clear water and big fish. Now bowHUNTERS lets here your reasons(excuses) why carp are evil monsters and why its OK to kill big predators. That should give me a good laugh!!!!!
  9. I recommend using a much smaller hook especially if your using a hair rig! Try a size 4 or size 6. The smaller hooks can be sucked in better by the carp and the carp will be hooked much better. Hope this helps!
  10. I went. I got one run, it seemed like a big one but unfortunatly it got off the hook after a little while of fighting it.
  11. Carp are usually measured by their weight not by their length.
  12. What are the prizes for the kids that catch the biggest fish?
  13. I'm not able to get any wild fish to use for bait so my only option if I decide to use fish would be fresh herring or smelt from the grocery store? They are both oily and I think might be able to tempt large channel cats. What is your opinion?
  14. mnfisherman


    Do many people use frogs for catfish bait? Do you prefer them alive or freshly killed? What king of frog do you use and how do you rig them? Will only channels go after them or would flatheads also be interested in a frog?
  15. My favorite fish is the carp. I love to fish for them. They put up a great fight.
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