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  1. I checked it out and it says it is on.
  2. Hey DWD, I have a couple of questions for you about caliper lake. Can you pm me please. Thanks
  3. I finally scored on a nice buck last friday at 4:25. My biggest buck ever. Dressed at 202 pounds! Thanks everyone. Here is the story. I shot this buck last Friday, the 25th at 4:25. I was on a farm I have been hunting for almost 10 years. I knew there were some good bucks in the area from trail cameras and glassing this summer. It had rained most of the day Friday but was supposed to lighten up so I headed out around 3:30 hoping the radar was acurate. By the time I got out in the woods it had lightened up and I was able to sneek into my stand nice and quiet. I hadn't been there long when I heard something and looked over to see this buck 5 yards away coming from his bedding area behind me and heading towards a hay field. I got turned, drew back and stopped him at 10 yards. Good hit right behind the shoulder and he went 70-80 yards! This is my biggest buck ever!! Bowtech and rage did their job! I shot it in Sherburne county. And I will still be out Al, I have some doe tags to fill but I do hope to get out and target some ski's too!
  4. Hey Reddog are you from the Okoboji area? I am down in the area working and was wondering if there was anywhere close to go and look for some big Iowa bucks?
  5. Thanks guys. From what I have read before, I didn't think that many people shot 150grs. I am new to the muzzleloading world. Anybody with the omega scope, have you ever tried it with anything but 150grs? I don't want to buy a scope that is made for one specific load (150gr powder & 250gr bullet) if I can't get it to group out of my gun. Has anybody had any trouble with this?
  6. I am looking at purchasing a TC omega and want to put a scope on it. I know nikon makes an omega scope but its made to shoot 150gr of powder and it sounds like most people only shoot 100grs so I don't know if that will work. Would a fixed power be better than an adjustable? What does everyone use??? Also, has anybody ever used the quick detach scope mounts? I would like to use it for shotgun and muzzleloader seasons without having to re-sight it in.
  7. I am interested. Can you send me some pics please. [YouNeedAuthorization]@aol.com Thanks
  8. I was out on Mille Lacs this weekend. We had five lookers but no takers. We fished on the north end up by Wealthwood Saturday and Indian point/Wigwam Bay area today. We did see one guy catch a lower 40 inch fish but everyone else we talked to said they weren't having much luck.
  9. Brian, I was in the same boat this winter trying to decide between the drop zone and trophy taker shakey hunter. I went with the trophy taker. It was a cheaper and there are a lot of people that use them and recommend them. The only thing I don't like about it is it is kind of loud when it drops. I will have to experiment so see if I can quiet it down a bit but I do like it and it is a solid rest. Whatever you decide let us know how you like it. J Boo
  10. WOW! That is a big deer! Did you shoot it? If you did, lets hear the story.
  11. Could you send it to me please. [YouNeedAuthorization]@aol.com Thanks
  12. I was up in Ely this past weekend. There was a lot of snow on the lakes but the trails weren't that great. A few were decent but most of them were very bumpy. We were wondering why the groomers weren't grooming the trails. That is just what I saw, we had a good time though.
  13. I don't know exactly what you are looking for but I have a 2000 PSE Fitzgerald that might work. It has a 27 inch draw and max draw weight of 55 pounds. If you are intrested e-mail me at [YouNeedAuthorization]@aol.com. I live in Ramsey.
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