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  1. floating minnow

    Concert photo ? for Steve

    Steve,If I were to get an image like that I would be in heaven. That's not going to happen but this is a great opportunity for me. Thanks. Polar,you are right that is a great deal on the weekends. Have a great time at LOTW.
  2. floating minnow

    Concert photo ? for Steve

    Steve,thank you very much for taking the time to give me the information. Sorry it took me so long to get back here,but this opportunity and the trip to Jamaica all came up 3 days ago and I have much to do before I leave Saturday morning. The camera shop carrys both the 17-40 and 70-200IS so I will call in the morning. The lighting in the club is good so that shouldn't be too much of an issue with these lenses. I'm going to have to skip the second body though because while the lenses are reasonable ,the bodies are quite spendy.I will take all your advice to heart tomorrow night. This will be something new to me so I am just going to enjoy it because there is no real pressure on me. I have seen your concert images and they are really nice.I kick myself quite often for not picking up this photo hobby earlier,I was a promotion man for a major label thru the 70's and spent quite a bit of time with major acts such as Fleetwood Mac,Eric Clapton,The Doobies and Rod Stewart. If I had only carried a camera around with me. Thanks again. Polar,was that West Photo?
  3. Steve, It looks like I will be shooting a show by my favorite reggae artist,Toots and the Maytals tomorrow at the Fine Line here in Mpls. I know you shoot concerts and was wondering what you use for lenses. I can rent lenses here in town and would like to get the best images possible. This is not a paying gig,more of a " you scratch my back,I'll scratch yours" type of thing. I will be delivering some of the images to Jamaica this weekend. Thanks Bruce
  4. floating minnow

    test - it worked - Red Tailed Hawk

    The first one is really nice. Good work.
  5. floating minnow

    Congratulations Mr. Foss

    Way to go Steve!
  6. floating minnow

    Eclipse image

    That would be an interesting image Steve. I now wish I had gone to another part of the city to try to shoot the moon thru the skyline. Either way the eclipse was somewhat boring.
  7. floating minnow

    Eclipse image

    I didn't get much of anything,but it was a nice night in the city.
  8. floating minnow

    Mr. River Otter

    Great series of shots Steve.
  9. Thanks for the tip Steve.
  10. floating minnow


    Those are very,very nice.
  11. floating minnow

    State H.S. Nordic ski meet

    Those are very nice Steve. I think your favorite really stands out.
  12. floating minnow


    That's beautiful!
  13. floating minnow

    stuck my nose outside!

    That's a mighty good shot for "good enough".
  14. floating minnow

    I'm the anti-Buzz

    After looking at the tough conditions Buzz shot in it remimded me of the equally tough conditions I shot in last month and will be enduring again in a March. I thought I'd post these because it's cold out and I'm bored and I won't turn on football until kick-off. Since I don't shoot birds,this might be the closest I ever come to a wild bird post ,my morning breakfast companion.
  15. floating minnow

    Slightly cold day!!

    Very nice,I'd say bravo even if they were not this nice just for the effort of shooting in those conditions.I'm way to soft for that.