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  1. When I picked our dog I knew that I wamted a male. I took all the males out and put them in the middle of the barn and watched them for a few minutes. Eventually one came over to me and that was the one that I eventually brought home. I also agree that they are all great.
  2. yellowlab

    Your dog found what???!!!!!!

    I was out testing the repairs that I made to an old 4 wheeler in a farmers field that I know and let the dog out to run. About 10 minutes later I call the dog to get back into the truck. What I didn't know was that the farmer let a pumping company dump their stuff in the field. He is a yellow lab and came back blue. It took 2 bottles of shampoo before he was let back into the house 3 days later.
  3. yellowlab

    Offer to Firearm Safety Instructors

    Although I am not a firearms safety officer I want to thank you for offering this to the future of this sport. In my opinion they need this to know that poor handling of firearms have permanent effects. Again thank you for your kindness and caring.
  4. yellowlab

    Whats yer job??

    Full time Dad of 2 Full time husband of 1 I was in the cellular world for 5 years. Went back to be a teacher and have been looking for a job for 2 years.
  5. yellowlab

    Feeding a pup??

    I don't know if this is the correct way to start a pup but it sure did work for me and my dog. Ever since I've had him he has always had a full bowl of food. He is now 7 yrs old and still fit and trim. My thoughts on this is if he always has food he will never just keep on eating. So far this has worked. He konws that when he is hungry there is always food for him.
  6. yellowlab

    2003 aerial photos, you want some?

    Can you shoot me that link? [email protected]
  7. yellowlab

    Any suggestions?

    Well the good news is no hard cast for me. The bad news is that I need to have it in a soft cast for at least a month. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think that I'll try the boot blanket thing and hope that works. Yellow
  8. yellowlab

    Any suggestions?

    I don't know if it's broken yet. I'll find out at 4:00. Reguardless my neighbor is a doctor and said that it needs to be in a cast. Of all the times of the year to do something stupid.
  9. yellowlab

    Any suggestions?

    Well I've more than likely managed to put my foot into a cast for the next 6 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do to keep my foot warm and dry? I would like to still be somewhat mobile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I can't go fishing please keep the stories so I can have something to read while I can't fish.
  10. yellowlab

    Bio-Bait Ice Bits test offer

    I'll be a tester. And I thought R&D was wreck and destroy
  11. yellowlab

    Looking for used Telephone Poles

    fonz that sounds awesome. I live in St. Cloud and would love to see it. Heck I would probably help put something like that together. Let me know if I could be of assistance.
  12. yellowlab

    Do you ALWAYS Register your deer?

    We register all of our deer. What really posses me off though is that the station, gas station, people don't even come out to look at the deer. I mean this as in they don't even look to see if it is actually a buck or a doe. We could probably quarter out all of our deer and then go register after the fact. Is this common where everyone else registers too. If so my question is why do we do it. I will continue to do so until something changes but I still don't understand.
  13. yellowlab

    Croxton Pond bags?

    I too would not be found out on the ice without mine. It you put the golf club seperators into it you have it made. Eveyone that see mine wants to take it home with them. Well work the investment.
  14. yellowlab

    Who would you fish with??

    I think that I would have to take the girls from the ESPN show gone fishin. Now to just tell the wife.
  15. I guess I have a few things to say. First would be that I would also take the dog with me. Who knows how long it was there and I would hate to be the last one to ever see it. Second I would try and find the owner, be that through other lodges, sherrif, CO. Lastly why don't you have a chip put into your dog. I don't like hunting my dog with a collar for reasons stated previously. I have had to use the chip once. After that one use I have told anyone that asks that it was the best investment I ever made. Remember they aren't only you hunting partner but your best friend as well