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  1. I started out on a 1100 Vstar along with several of my buddies. Very nice bikes for your price range. I have a really nice one if your intersted?
  2. I just bought a polaris 600 twin. I live in ND & my wheeler has ND tags. I fish on our cabin in MN. My question is do I need some sort of tag to ride in MN? Thanks guys.
  3. I think we should get rid of Jackson or use him as a back up. He is not the answer. When defenses are stacked at the line it should be fairly easy to pic apart the D for any quarterback with any sort of vision. There is virtualy no coverage on our recievers. Which are also part of the problem. We definatly don't have any Chris Carters or Randy Moss's out there. We need to be able to stretch the field. Then we can let Peterson & Talor dance to the end zone. Jackson is pretty quick when running out of the pocket but I am still not sold on his abilities to throw acuratly, make good decisions or all & all play as a starter. Next year we need to pick up a QB & some recievers. Our current recievers need to catch a plane on out of MN. But the way they catch & fumble I am sure they will drop & lose their plane tickets to. My 2 cents.
  4. Very interested. Could you send me pics of the damage & the older 120 hp motor you have? How much for the 120 hp? Where Are you located? I am guessing I would need another trailer to get her home? [email protected]
  5. LOL, hit the nail on the head. Good stuff
  6. Think I only seen about 5 groups of hunters in the area I hunt all last week. You should be ok yet. Looked like alot of the deer weren't quite in full rutt to me. Had two bucks & 4 does standing & playing right by each other. The larger buck gave the smaller buck a little push in the butt, but then left him alone. They were by each other all afternoon until night. If they would have been full rutt there would have been a show down for those pretty does. Also had to play with my rattles & calls while they were directly in front of me for a couple hours to practice. They did not even respond to any of this. Very exciting watching them though.
  7. I agree with anylizer. Try different brands of slugs. I was surprised how different my gun shot after trying a few different brands of slugs on the target. Mine will only shoot decent using Federal 2-3/4". I can't remember what I was using before but I was getting the same problem you speak of. I think they were winchester X or something. The X's worked excellent in my bros gone but not in mine. I hear slugs are like women, alot of them out there claiming to be better than the other. But sometimes ya just got take'm home & test them out to see which ones work the best with your pee-shooter.
  8. I have been looking for a ticked German Shorthair pup. Are you all out? I do alot of hunting & would like to have a good pointer. My brother also has a pointer male that is great in the fields. His is almost a gray brown ticked color. This is what I like also. I am from the Fargo, ND area. Please let me know or point me in a direction of someone whom would have any pups. Any key things I should be looking for when purchasing a hunting dog? This is my first one. Thank you,
  9. Mine did the same thing. I think the insides get worn out. Sounds like you got a bad one also. Go get yourself a new one. Unless anyone knows how to fix them.
  10. Is there a such thing as to much scent in trees? I usually set up sent wicks all around me & the 3 other guys that hunt our land also set up perimeter wicks around them using different brands. I guess the idea is to make it smell like a whore house. Not sure if this is good idea or bad idea. We hunt in a slug area so like I said there is 4 of us in a area of trees. Helps knock down the human scents also. I have also started putting up drip bags around on there trails. Usually just use doe pee thats on sale. Haven't really noticed if any are better than the other? I also make sure to use cover scents. The drags are also a very good idea. I don't waste money on buying anything. I just cut some cloth off something, soak it in doe pee in a sealed tupaware for a few days prior to hunting. The morning before I go to my stand I open up the container (be sure to stand back when opening this baby, if you catch a direct wiff it may knock you out) then hook it to a shoe lase and tie it to my boot then let it drag to my stand then I let it hang from my stand also. However, I have had the bad luck the last few years. The deer always seem to run to the other guys stands. One of the years the luck will come back to me & da tirty pointer will be in my sights.
  11. Here is my dr. phil attempt. LOL Don't rush the poor guy. That freaks us guys out. Let him know you would really like get married but the rest is in his park. If he loves you enough he will "tag" you when comfortable. Us men are a strange breed when it comes to marriage. We have to do it at our own pace. Wouldn't it feel better coming from him without all the force? If I had a girl propose to me in a boat & I wasn't ready I may be running on water back to the shore. J/k Funny story, I was best man in my cousins wedding and he started freakin' at the church right before the wedding. Here's why. He said he loved his fiancee & really wanted to be married but hated the fact of standing in front of a hundred people (especially buddies)getting all sappy in a church was not his idea of fun. I told him I will support you either way are you in or out? They have been married for 3 years & have two kids & are happy as ever. My point is maybe he is scared of the big wedding. Just some thoughts. By the way smallie sweety your kind of a babe. Thought you should know. LOL
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