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  1. hunterdown

    Nyjer seed

    Where do you get those "socks" from? Do they really slow the waste down? Most of the time the Turkeys & Deer clean up the mess, but that is some expensive Deer chow!
  2. hunterdown

    Nyjer seed

    I have 2 of those tube type feeders up. Usually there is a waiting line to get on the feeder. One just holds the thistle seed, and the other has the bigger holes for the other Finch feed. I picked up 2 twenty pound bags of Finch food at Menards they had on clearance for $8.50 a bag...plus got 11% off
  3. hunterdown

    Wine Making

    I make wine every year, mostly dandelion wine.... kinda turns out like a citrus vodka, but oh so good!
  4. hunterdown

    Muzzy Season

    Way to go! That's cool! I still have a management tag to fill. I'll be going out to the end....
  5. hunterdown

    Muzzy Season

    Muzzy Season for me, is more like watching the property lines. I bring it out with me, I'll whack a big doe if I see one (the freezer is already full) it seems that once rifle season is over, folks think they can run all over the county.
  6. hunterdown

    Muzzy Season

    Just seen Turkeys and squirrels this morning. This evening, I saw a fork, a doe (that I couldn't get a shot at) and 2 fawns.
  7. Starts Saturday....anybody going out?
  8. hunterdown

    Night Bird ID...

    Nope....don't need friendseyeguy54..... It was a darn samsquatch!
  9. hunterdown

    Night Bird ID...

    Silly town is on MNO?....I beg to differ......
  10. hunterdown

    Good Morning!

    Just roll with it.....It's been a long time since I been here....
  11. hunterdown

    Good Morning!

    Things go off topic all the time, all depends on how you take it....if your not happy move on.
  12. hunterdown

    Happy Birthday BB

    Well, Happy Birthday!
  13. hunterdown

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Where does the time go? We are already looking at November 1st and still have plenty to do. Seems this time of year I have so much going on, that I have little time to jot down my thoughts…… The pink flamingo season was a boom this year. Many new clients wanted their chance at bagging one of them long necked critters. Nytlyter let me use his point a few times for the overflow of eager hunters. Paul moved the “decoys” around for me to keep the spread interesting. I gave him some extra cash for his efforts, cause I couldn’t keep up on it on my own. City hunters are a fun breed….they can’t tell the difference between a food colored goose and a pink flamingo. To keep the locals talking, I put some pink geese in the back of the truck and drove around town, that way, the word gets around…and more income for me! HaHaHa Bear season didn’t go as planned; we set baits and few where hit. Cameras were placed on the sites and the ones that were hit, were at night. The day old doughnuts that Big Earl gave me, didn’t go to waste though, cause the bears that did hit, cleaned out the site pretty good. And, while you are baiting, you got something to chew on when you get hungry….they were only day old right? Deer season is going well, (for bow season) I have a few clients that have had success filling there tags with large does, and a couple bucks. The deer have been processed and made into summer sausage, jerky and beer sticks. I expect that the rifle season will bring more in. Last season we processed 465 deer, (a little lower than the year before) but, we are hopeful, as this is the bulk of our income for my family and friends to live on. On to the farming portion………….it sucks! Most of the fields have been to wet to harvest our corn. Muddy as all get out, and hard to get the tractors in or out of the fields. What we could get at has been chopped for silage to feed the livestock. I’m thinking that anybody that can get the corn picked will be doing well if they don’t have to spend a fortune drying it with propane. We usually use the stocks for bedding, but this year we might be hard pressed and be looking for other means. The bean fields have been so-so, they needed to come in before the corn cause the pods pop open at a certain point and the beans end up on the ground if not harvested in time. Tomorrow night, is all hollows eve…and the Old Mill is decorated as usual with all the skeletons, carved pumpkins, ghosts and goblins. And, we have to keep up with the myth that some hooked hand criminal lives there just waiting to jab his claw into your jugular. (I wonder why we don’t get any trick or treaters?) Well? What did you expect? It is Halloween…… Well, I hope everything is good in your neck of the woods! From the Old Mill on Lake Iwanttobethere, Hunter
  14. hunterdown

    20 inch Box Fan

    I am deeply sadend by the thought of owning a box fan other than the "original 20" box fan"..... The way the Teddy Bear, Royals and Unicorn stickers were placed , just so........ I'm sorry fella's......I need to drink a beer or two, to drown my sorrows. Hunter
  15. hunterdown

    20 inch Box Fan

    It's good to see you live and kick'in McGurk!