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  1. The quick connect hose is my choice. It makes the it go to low pressure which is why no filter is needed. I have ran mine a few yrs without issue. The hose as far as being stiff isn't an issue for me at all. set it up and its done. Way better then the 1 lbs cyl for me. You need to hook it up to your tank and then open valve when you are outside I push on the ball in the end of the hose for a few seconds and that fills the hose . The heater then starts up fast after that.
  2. I fish with my Marcum next to a fl18 and lowrance hds 5 also fl22 no issues between them.
  3. I would do a search on here or google. This subject is fun and all but it is not a right and wrong thing. It's opinion. Go check them out at the store and like I said google it. For the money u are looking to spend I would also look at the Lowrance products as well. Awesome ice units and very adjustable. I run a hds5 and a marcum lx7 and I love them both. The gps on the lowrance is awesome as all the spots I marked late fall are ready for me first ice!
  4. I had the lx5 had motor problems went to the 7 it's great
  5. I also run a nils tanaka it's great! I did pick up a jiffy model 31 8" for when there is a lot of trucks on the ice that drop dirty sand on the ice. That one was 75 bucks like new! As far as speed and light weight the nils is the ticket!
  6. I take it you're camping where there will be no hookups?
  7. I am planning on the dual fuel stove and also going to buy the adapter in case I want propane. that way I get the well built stove and variety of fuel options. VS just propane and that flimsy stove
  8. You handled that well. I would have told him to go back in his shanty and put a bobber on if he couldn't figure it out. My Marcum plays just fine with my buddies vexilars never a problem.
  9. Now I bet that felt like an upgrade! Totally different animal with the Cummins
  10. I would agree about cooking outside. The people I bought my camper from cooked in it one time. They always brought the stove out and hooked it on the outside of the popup.
  11. It's getting beautiful out. Getting the itch to get my camper out of storage as well. Just don't want it out and then get snow
  12. Who here is using one of these on the ice? Or for camping season? I am looking at these for a back up or extra cooking source to the one on my popup camper. I also would like to use it on the ice in the winter. Which is the way to go, propane or get a dual fuel model? Which are you running? How is the run time on propane? and on Dual fuel?
  13. I am looking at picking up a camp stove for an extra or backup to my popup camper stove. I am looking at dual fuel and propane models. Which are you guys running? I understand propane is easier to start and less mess but is more trouble on the cold. I also have read the dual fuel takes a few more steps to light but is not effected by cold temps. I would like to show my kids how these things work and have them exposed to it and learn so they can have memories of camping. A lot of people tell their memories and it involves a Coleman camp stove. Thoughts?
  14. Glad you found what you wanted. There is a 20 hp difference between the 2 motors. Maybe a 6.0 is more what you may need if hauling the extra trailer weight and 2 more tires on the road... I have the 03 and like that model year. The tow haul button is going to be your friend!
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