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  1. Sifty and Brent you've got mail. Let me know if either of you want to take a look and we can arrange something!!
  2. Nevermind....this deal fell through. Gun is still available...drop me an e-mail and I'll send you some pics.
  3. Hey i am very interested and could pick it up this weekend let me know where you are located and your phone number. Thanks Jake
  4. Skin dog, Heavy contour is a thicker and heavier barrol. It pulles up much nicer, and can take more rounds through it than the light contour. Icebandit
  5. For Sale: Remmington 1187 Heavy Contour **Price reduced** $450 -3 inch chamber -30 inch barrell -4 Years Old -Great Condition!! $550/obo e-mail [email protected] for pics
  6. Valv im wondering if minkota is foot petal, if so I want it. email at [email protected] phone:612-799-8465 I also looked at you HSOforum, do you boy used motors, if so I have a motor for sale willing to sell cheap. Thanks
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