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  1. imhooked

    Who is going muzzle loader hunting?

    I'm with you. Have been killing white tailed deer with PRB for quite a few years. I have a 50 caliber Pennsylvania rifle that shoots 90 grains Goex ffg.
  2. Took a small spike Sat. AM 50 caliber roundball through the chest. Ran about 10 yards. Now I don't have to go out during our BP season when the forcast says is going to get much colder
  3. imhooked

    She almost got him!

    In my first year of bowhunting a big nontypical came into range. I guess I got a little, "buck fever" and took a bad shot. The arrow hit a sapling on it's way to the vitals and lost some of it's juice. It struck the deer behind the leg, got stuck, and fell out while the deer was running. It only made me more enthusiastic about bowhunting. The worst part is a co-worker got him that rifle season
  4. imhooked

    Picture Posting of harvested animals

    All beautiful deer. I expect to get out this weekend with the Traditional archery tackle. Hopefully the weather, and deer, will cooperate
  5. I went out yesterday after work. Got two. I will be going out today after work. Let's hear some bird hunting reports. I plan on bowhunting this weekend
  6. imhooked

    Field Dressing

    What is that? Is it like the gut hook you use for upland birds?
  7. imhooked

    Even Hitler sees what the signing of Favre means!

    You guys can have him. Never was a big fan. Go Packers!!!
  8. imhooked

    30-06 bullet for bear

    My second bear was shot with a 30-30. The average sized bear in Minnesota or Wisconsin is around 200lbs, I believe. In my opinion and observation, a well hit bear seems to go down faster than a well hit deer
  9. I have been scouting for deer for the archery season and have yet to see any grouse. I heard the drumming counts were up. Any news?
  10. imhooked

    What to do with BEES on my Treestand?

    Try removing them at night or on a colder day
  11. imhooked

    Your Broadhead Choice (Fixed Only)

    I like either the Zwickey or Bear razorheads. Both have killed their fair share of deer and bear for me. I use a recurve, also
  12. I heard that bear numbers are up. Didn't draw this year. Want to put a Zwickey or a Bear Razorhead into one soon with the recurve
  13. imhooked

    Grouse Numbers up 43%

    We will get a better grip on the spring hatch as the summer wears on and the chicks start maturing. Right now, mom has them hidden pretty good. As they mature, they will be out and about more. Maybe this is a sign of another supercycle.
  14. imhooked

    Field edge success

    Up here, we have alot of "edges" were the treelines are separated by powerlines. I usually set up about 20 yards inside. I also don't cut elaborate shooting lanes. I have a "honey hole" spot were I set up at the edge of a swamp as it rises to a hill before the treeline ends at the powerlines. No, I am not that guy that sets up on the pole itself. Lol.
  15. I peeked in the BWCA forum. I did go out around Spirit Island/lake and did do well. I'm going to head out today if the rain stays away