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  1. Well I researched this till my eyes bled. I pulled the trigger on the 1750 Rebel Sport. Went with the 90 hp Merc 4 stoke. I take delivery in 2 weeks. I went with Lund because of resale mostly. I would like to hear what others have to say also. But I think you can never go wrong with a Lund. This will be my 4th one since 1998.
  2. did the post say "TPI" or "TBI"? TPI is multi port and yes it could be an injector or regulator or pump.
  3. drop the air pressure in the tires and see what happens
  4. is there now or will there be a HSO app? maybe this is a silly question, but seems these days there are apps for everything. Maybe it doesn't work for this type of site. Forgive me, I feel like I always ask the dumb questions.
  5. I could not figure out why my tire pressure light was staying on as the tire pressures were all good. Turned out that on my 05 Tundra the spare is monitored also, it was low. Got the pressure right in the spare, no more light.
  6. everybody is either buying or selling. so, where do you go 1st? the "bay" "craigs" or "amazon". why?
  7. I avoid using "jumper cables" at all. The best way to start a dead battery vehicle is with a jumper pac. there is just too great of a possibility of hurting the electrical components. buy a good jumper pac and keep it with you in your vehicle. they stay charged for quite a long time. just remember to charge it up once in a while. not to mention that positioning vehicles to get cables connected can be a challenge and or an unsafe situation.
  8. wife and I would like to come and spend the 4th with our son and his family. Don't want the big camping experience, most are full anyway, just looking for a descent place where we can sit the camper for a quiet safe night of sleep. Anywhere in the St Cloud area however St. Joseph is where he lives. It would be great to park it by his house but no can do with city regulations and all. any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  9. just a quick question. Some of the Tundra's had a recall pertaining to rust on the frame. If the rust is bad enough they are replacing the entire frame. Sounds like you may have a serious rust issue. I'd check it out.
  10. Just thought I would mention that I did get this to work on my Kindle Fire HDX. Vexilar site says it won't work. not true.
  11. Not sure how many miles are left on your focus, or which motor you have, but I can't help myself to comment that a cold running engine will use more fuel. The cost of a new thermostat could pay for itself pretty fast with 3.50 gas, not to mention it will help your engine to last longer. A cold running engine is not good, an engine that runs at operating temps is best for many reasons. Just a thought I would pass along. Maybe some of the pros on here would confer on that.
  12. didn't by chance plug any connectors together under the dash. there are two connectors that look like they should be connected, but infact are for testing purposes only. sometimes these will get plugged together and can cause goofy problems that aren't really problems at all. just a thought.
  13. common problem on Volvo's is the clutch will not hold in when it gets hot. just my guess, as others are correct in asking more questions.
  14. I tryed this number (515-332-1802) before I posted and got an answer right away. I don't get it?
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