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  1. I am with cjumbo. If I had to bet...which I would if there are any takers. This deer is 3.5. Even mature 4.5 plus bucks have skinny necks right now.
  2. Here's a couple that we will be after in a few weeks. What does everyone think the big one will score?
  3. We hunt in Buffalo Co and I personally have spent a great deal of time there in last 5+ years. Numbers are down maybe in half of what they were a couple years ago. The one thing the DNR hates more than anything is the inability to control so they feel by implementing laws they have more control. I know they hate seeing Buffalo Co the way it is. IE less pressure, big deer, and landowners banning together to do their own management. What really sucks is EAB for archery and non-party hunting. So the law says no party hunting for archers but ok for firearms. And early T zone right before the heat of the rut what a joke. Where we are the deer are down number of shots were down this weekend but I think part of it is that owners and lease holders are very much limiting the number of deer shot. We hunt next to a party of about 12 guys they had only 4 eab stickers they shot one real nice buck and that was it. The owner of the land said no does except for the kids. EAB sucks. Tzone really sucks.
  4. Thanks for all nice the nice comments I will pass them on to my bro. We do practice very strict management. Our main strategy is to get a ton of pics in late Summer early Fall of deer over apple or corn piles. We then have an idea of which deer we believe to be "shooters". We shut down te bait piles by early Oct because I believe bait piles make them nocturnal. Originally we thought this deer was 4.5 in the trail cam pics but I do believe he is 3.5. Age is the single most important factor in growing big bucks. Nutrition and genetics are nice but a world record genetic buck at 1.5 years old and perfect year round nutrition ain't gonna be much. We strictly will not shoot a 3.5 year old, this rule may have been broken but there was no way to know this until you have your hands around him. We also hunt in a very good area with decent neighbors. Buffalo Co WI to be exact BUT we know for a fact they shoot 3.5ers whuch sucks but whatever. We both passed a 3.5 10 pt 140 class buck 20 minutes before he shot this one only to hear him get shot 30 mins later. We then seen him getting dragged out so we knew. We do know of 6 other 3.5ers that we don't believe are dead. Our cameras are back out to see what we are working with next year. Sorry for the long post I just want to educate if I can, plus other than my family this is what I live for.
  5. You really need to see his body in person to believe he is 3.5. After getting the pics I never would have thought about calling him 3.5 but his head is small as is his body. His dentist also has been doing a very good job on his teeth. We will know for certain when the results come back.
  6. My brother actually but man he is a slob. We hunted this buck all season and never actually seen him in the flesh, only on trail cam. We passed buck after buck waiting for him. My bro is still stunned from the whole thing. He shot him Sunday morn coming back to where we thought he lived all along. I think we were right but he must have been chasing hard for the last couple weeks. He had run his body way down, he only weighed 158lbs and truth be told I am pretty sure he's only 3 1/2 year old. We are going to send his jaw in to know for certain. Hopefully he spread his seed because his genetics and awesome. I am happy that we had some sort of closure on this buck, we were begining to wonder what happened to him. He is a WI buck. This is why we do it.
  7. BLB are talking about my buck not scoring that high? If yes...it was measured by an offical scorer at the mn deer classic. They said it would be in the MN record book so if anyone has one take a look. I never did look and they said if I wanted to enter it in B&C it would cost like $50. Not worth it to have my name printed somewhere. I'd rather buy something that would help get another one. Offical net was 196 6/8 I believe. Pics do not do justice. I have a couple of his sheds too. Here's another look.
  8. I shoot 70lb draw but man I don't wanna see a buck running away with 3 inches of penetration. I think I am going to switch I'll just make sure I get ribs.
  9. What happens on shoulder shots of a mature buck with rages? I contemplate switching but just don't know.
  10. I'll have my Hoyt in hand in Buffalo Co WI.
  11. Archery takes years of practice and patience and is not for everyone.
  12. vister I have seen guys put a mechanical device between the spread to limit shrinkage. It didn't look like were trying to increase it but just wanted to limit it. I think even a 2x2 cut to the perfect length would help. The bucks that I have seen this on were barely over the 170 net mark and the guys wanted to save as much as they could to make the magical 170 after the 60 day drying period. Not sure of the legality of though.
  13. He is 190+ gross and I will put money on it. I shot this one a couple years ago. Hunted my a$^ off to get him. Got sheds and the whole deal. He grossed over 200. Something to compare it to anyway.
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