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  1. These stories sound very familiar. I will try to find a picture of my blue and maybe my computer savy wife will post it for me. They sure are a beautiful breed with alot of character, but mellow is definetely not a word I would use with my dog
  2. Remmi, Good to see a fellow FM member owning a "Blue" Mine is going on four and I usually take her hunting around the New Salem area with the in-laws. Personality is great and the look i feel is second to none.
  3. Our group had some success as well. My father shot a big 4x4 whitetail and another member of our group shot a decent 5x4 whitetail. A couple of does to top it off and will be back next week. Saw plenty of deer including some nice bucks, however they are very good at evading us when need be. Seems like we are seeing more whitetails than Mullie bucks in 3E2 this year. Anyone else have a story?
  4. How did everyone do for the opener last week? Our group was able to drop 41 birds in two days for 9 guys. Not quite a limit, but none the less a pretty good outing. We hunt around New Salem and saw a fair number of birds. I guess I am looking for stories of the hunt. Our group also found a couple of Porcupines or I should say the dogs did. I hate when that happens.
  5. Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks
  6. I have a quick question for you non resident hunters. I hunt in ND for deer and am a little confused on bringing a deer over state lines. In past years we have always processed the deer in ND. I have heard that Butchers will not take a deer from ND in minnesota, but WI butchers will. My question is, can I bring a ND buck back with me that has my tag on it and take it accross the state of MN to Wisconsin? Thanks for the help.
  7. Lots of luck, Thanks and by the way, love yours and buzzsaws avatar.
  8. Does anyone know when the gopher game starts? Thanks
  9. I would agree with DTE regarding the running backs. Many of the ten man leagues, I have seen Alexander/Ahman Green type quality. I would try and pick up another RB when you get a chance, given your current RB's with the exception of Julius Jones could have difficult years or not enough carries. I like the WR's on your team. Pretty good draft for your first time overall. Like anything else, until the season starts we all are making guesses on what we consider good teams. Good luck.
  10. Mudman, Who did you pick at # 4?
  11. Some good looking teams out there. Kodiak, Those are some nice RB's you have Interesting sleeper pick as well. Good luck to everone this year.
  12. I was curious as to who you will be starting at this point in your fantasy leagues. My line-up at this point is... QB Trent Green. RB McGahee RB D. McAllister WR Chad Johnson WR Andre Johnson WR Steve Smith K Elam Def Baltimore Should be interesting to see the others.
  13. Buzzsaw, I am rolling on the floor LMAO on your last statement regarding Jenna Jameson. By the way, I have a MR. Pike and like the width, I guess Jenna would say the same.
  14. FishinBill, Nelson Marine in White Bear Lake sells them.
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