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  1. Heres a couple from my kinkaid trip in illinois last week:
  2. I didnt have quite as vicious a consecutive streak going as Rob but last year i lost fourteen that i actually had hooked and fighting to the boat.3 in one day in about an hours time. (that will test your mental fortitude and your vocabulary)This year i have lost one second week of the season and one a month or so ago that i had hooked otherwise they all came to the boat, so it does eventually even out. Fighting through those rough spots is what makes the payoff so great when it does finally happen right?? Its just getting through those spots without pulling your hair out, or throwing all your equipment in the drink that is the trick!!
  3. I'm on board with two of the choices for the buck and would like to add one. I have an 8 foot st. Croix premier which i love, but a buddy of mine has a Shimano Compre and a Convergence and has had great luck with both of them. Another good bang for 80 bucks is the I-M 8 series of rods from Gander. Pretty light and the 8 footer is excellent for the money but doesnt quite have the back bone of the Croix.
  4. That lake like alot of others this year , seems to be in a funk. Its not uncommon to go out there 4 or 5 times without any action. Other times its a blast , just depends on where they are located. It seems the only thing missing from your gameplan is finding the actual locations of active fish.You are using the right stuff, like alot of lakes it takes a few trips out to get a feel for where they are at any given time.I was out there three or four times in june this season without a fish, where last season during the same time period i had three or four in the net and lost several more.Now i live up in milaca so you know where i am spending alot of my time. Waconia is one of those lakes where you almost need to be on the water two to three times a week, just so you can be on top of patterns that develop.Those fish will bury themselves in the weeds when they are active and even more so when they are inactive.And believe me there is plenty of salad out there for them to hide in when they arent sitting off the breakline eating potato chips. Hope this helps somewhat, and keep at it! Dan
  5. Just went out with Gregg yesterday and would highly recommend him. Excellent job explaining and answering questions and just a great guy to fish with....and we caught fish!I will be hiring him again.
  6. So many good areas there to fish that a guy has a hard time figuring out where to start. You can see fish from one end of the lake to the other. My best advice is to hire a guide the first time out(Chad Cain or Matt Snyder get my vote), but if you cant do that look for areas of complexity where you have shallow rocks , and rock spines going out into deeper water , saddles in between islands that create current areas, and play the wind and pay attention to where it is blowing into. There are plenty of weed areas to play in also.My best luck has been going off on your own and finding fish in areas that arent community spots and concentrating on those spots. I would say these fish are almost "mille lacs" educated, meaning alot of times you can throw baits at fish you can see all day without even a bump. Dont know how much time you have but that is the way i did it for the first few days of my first trip, and it worked out well. I am going up tonight after work to get on the merry go round, (from spot to spot out there,you'll see what i mean) will have a report when i get back.Dan
  7. Mille lacs...late october early november when the tullibees are up. If there are any left after the nasty kill that happened last week.Shoreline just full of them.Dang hot summers!
  8. Was up there a couple weeks ago Scoot. Weeds in portage are pretty decimated, but they are holding fish where you can find a decent patch here and there. We boated one 43 incher and saw several others, as well as hooking and losing another one. Some fish to be found in the shallow reeds also already. Dont forget the rocks either.We didnt see any there the last time we were out but it was midday and flat calm out.(This was during that almost 100 degree weekend two weeks ago)
  9. Nice fish!! Know how that goes except it worked in reverse when i had my wife out last. I get a 35 incher , ten minutes later She gets her first...a beauty 49,and rubs it in my face , then twenty minutes later i get a fat 49-1/2, she was chapped to say the least, but two thirty pound fish in one evening, how can anyone be ticked off? Dan
  10. Thanks for the info guys, i was afraid that was the case.Hope my boat floats off the trailer in the harbor!
  11. Heading back up for my annual trip to donnellys on minnitaki, but doing little vermillion a few days for muskies also. Anyone hear about the ski bite on little v, or what the water levels and fishing are like this year on minnitaki? thanks in advance for the info! Dan
  12. I would say so. Most of the spots were very small and took less than ten minutes to cover really well.(especially with three baits in the water)Seemed you either got something right away or not at all.The last day of the trip we saw quite a few of the porpoising muskies, and a few of them were quite large just teasing us..wierdest thing. Wish there was a logical explanation for why they do that.
  13. Yeah , she was pretty chapped about that , but she was still pretty darn happy.It was a great trip.
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