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  1. hopeforfish

    Navionics on iphone

    The App is really nice and for just 10 bucks you have the whole U.S. I have this on my smartphone and it came in handy when fishing in WI.
  2. Heading out tomorrow with three of my nieces for a camping and fishing trip to Mille Lacs. I did this last year with one niece and we had such a good time I decided to include two other nieces around her age. We will be camping at Father Hennepin and doing two launches during the weekend. My biggest concern is fitting everything into my car but we will make it work. We will also be going geocacheing while up there. It is great to have nieces that like to fish and I intend to encourage that with all my nieces and nephews but like to have this special time to spend with my nieces. Hope to update with pictures after the weekend.
  3. hopeforfish

    Who had to change their plans?

    If I heard right, the email was sent out at noon on June 30th, many people from out of state were already on the road at that time. Sure they should have watched the news and heard about the shutdown but many didn't and were suprised.
  4. hopeforfish

    Kids and life jackets

    The rule at our cabin is that kids under a certin age are not even allowed on the stairs to the dock with out a life jacket. If they are on the dock even with an adult present they must wear their life jacket.
  5. I am going to have my cooling system flushed and filled and want to replace the thermostat myself. My car is a 95 Lumina 3.1. Now I have heard it can be a bit tough and am wondering if I will need any special tools or if the cost will be so low that I should just have the shop do it with the flush and fill. I have replaced the alternator and the water pump myself but don't want to get over my head with this since I have read online some of the warnings. Thanks in advance.
  6. hopeforfish

    Trout Stream Proposal

  7. hopeforfish

    Looking for a neurologist.

    I just started seeing Dr Horowitz with the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology he is awesome and had all the time in the world for me. But I have only seen him the one time. Hope
  8. hopeforfish

    Fish Fry

    Wish I could come up Barb and support.
  9. hopeforfish

    My Wisconsin weekend

    It was a fun time, I too was very tired after the weekend but the highlight for me was catching Barbs shack before it blew away with her in it. Wish I could have had more energy but with the back and head injuries that I had and was taking meds for prevented me from being crazy at all.
  10. Congrats Lambjam for becoming a moderator.
  11. hopeforfish

    Weekend Report

    It was a blast on Red with Lambjam, we went home with fish and fish stories, which are true. So glad I met Barb and the other gals on this forum a couple of years ago. I consider them life long friends now.
  12. hopeforfish

    Garage Opener Question

    So, I live in an apartment and rent a garage. Had the original opener remote fail so they gave me a new one. The new one would not hold the code for more than a day. So they gave me a 3rd opener remote. That worked for a week or so and now has failed. My question is: is the problem most likely the remote not keeping code or the unit itself having problems? I am getting sick of the remotes being re-programed and then having to call maintance to come and open up my garage with the key because I can get in with the remote. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. hopeforfish

    Trouts how i love thee

    Also look a Wisconsin women fish
  14. hopeforfish

    Striker Ice Gear

    I love mine bought it 3 years ago and it keeps me nice and warm.
  15. hopeforfish

    Junky Flags on Tip Ups

    I like to switch out the flags with Duct tape. That way my flags are a different color than everyone elses.
  16. hopeforfish

    Curl up with a good book

    I found an author that I like, her name is Theresa Monsour. She writes about a female detective out of St. Paul. Another author that I really like is C.J. Box. I am all about the murder mysteries and devour them. Other authors are P.J Parrish and John Sandford, they too write about local crime fighters. Hope
  17. hopeforfish


    Don't forget to spit on your hook, works everytime.
  18. hopeforfish

    Good Vet in Brooklyn Park, MN area

    Do not bring anything to Compassionate Care in Brooklyn Park.
  19. hopeforfish

    A lesson well learned

    Way to go Barb, us girls like learning stuff on the internet and then doing it ourselves.
  20. Hi I have a 95 Chevy Lumina and it shakes when I get over 60 mph. I know that I need the alignment done but do you think the tie rods are going to need to be done also? What am I looking at cost wise? Thanks
  21. hopeforfish

    Alignment and Tie Rods

    Now that I have better tires on and the tread depth is more even the shaking has gone away. The shop I had finish the job said I need the right and left outer tie rod ends but not right now. The shaking came from bad tires.
  22. hopeforfish

    Alignment and Tie Rods

    Tie Rods do need to be replaced in the future but not right now. Tires on the car now have a more even wear to them and I have not driven much today but it is a much better ride. Thanks for the info.
  23. hopeforfish

    Alignment and Tie Rods

    Thanks guys, I am getting the tires swapped out tomorrow, just had to pay a $200.00 vet bill and if it needs an alignment it will have to wait.
  24. hopeforfish

    Independence Day Weekend!

    I just got home, the weekend was good but as always spending that much time with family can wear on my nerves. Not enough sleep was had and the fish did not start biting until last night. I love my family but am happy to be home alone in my apartment.
  25. hopeforfish

    quiet here...and lonely

    I tried to go fishing with a couple of gals this weekend and we got rained out of Grand Rapids, came back to the cities and encountered bad weather and then the boat would not start. We went to Appledorn's for their evening launch on Sunday and came home with 5 walleyes and a perch. We still had a fun weekend but man we could not avoid the bad weather and luck. Also we fixed the boat so it is ready for the next time.