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  1. I did a little more research on these and I'm seriously interested. I thought you had posted your email before but I was mistaken. You can contact me at matt_tiffany AT hotmail.com. Thanks.
  2. I'm interested. I've been looking at the Marcum LX-3 but I am not really ready to spend the $$$. I'll send ya an email with some questions. Thanks. Matt
  3. Hey Seabass. I'm interested in the Garmin. Does it have the round transducer or the triangle shaped one? How old of a unit is it? You can send a reply to matt_tiffany at Hotmail.com Thanks
  4. Crawlerman, you must be a very wise roughfish enthusiast. By far my favorite "roughfish" is the Carp. Pound for pound one of the toughest fish out there. Dogfish is also up there though. Good to see some other carp people.
  5. Was_that_a_bite, You must just make flimsy spinnerbaits since I know those dogfish weren't that big. It's always nice taking your money by the way.
  6. I sent the email with pics to both of you. Let me know if it works. I'm still experimenting with this digital camera and software. Thanks Carp
  7. Sorry guys, I didn't get the pictures taken today. I'll get them sent out tomorrow with a more ******** detail of the boat. Thanks again. Carp
  8. Hey, I'm looking to sell a 14' Pipestone fiberglass boat with a 45 hp Johnson motor on it. The boat is in decent condition (floats and everything) but it is missing the seats and the wiring to the motor is not connected. The motor ran a few weeks ago and I have not tried it since. It is on a trailer but the trailer does not come with the boat. I'm looking for $400 or b.o. I have pictures available on request. matt_tiffany at hotmail.com Thanks. Carp
  9. Well, I would have to say the beautiful carp. What a game fish. Can't beat em.
  10. Hey Valv, what are you looking at for a skid loader. I deal with skidloaders often and have one that needs to go. Drop me an email [email protected]
  11. Hey, just wondering if there is walkable ice in the Brainerd area. WOuld love to get out and find some early season panfish. Thanks for any insight. Matt
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