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  1. I have been looking at boats all winter and have it narrowed down with the new Tpro as one of my finalists. Wondering about any thoughts there are out there about them? I think its very sleek looking and would work for my fishing needs, couple concerns is the driver's side storage as opposed to the top storage on the passenger side, but I fish with only one other guy alot so I feel like I can access that pretty easily. My only other concern would be the bow with that thicker top gunnel does it feel conjested up there in the 185 model? Thanks!
  2. Thinking about getting a new (used) boat for myself but am hesitent on the color scheme and think it would be fun to do a custom paint job on it. Its a late 90's aluminum 18' crestliner and I am wondering if there are any suggestions for painting it? I have heard some people say sanding down the current paint and spraying over it will do the trick while others have suggested sanding it down to the aluminum and using Rustoleum Self Etching primer followed by spray on marine paint. Now it isnt supposed to be a show boat, I just want to have some fun and mess around with my potential new fishing boat, but I wouldn't want it to look just awful. Wondering if it is going to look absolutely horrible (as in too much work, not worth it) or if you think it could be done within reason in a well ventilated garage?? Thanks!
  3. Well if you plan on power trolling for salmon with that trolling motor than I would imagine I'd be OK trolling for walleye around here. I typically only pull my bottom bouncers between 0.7-2.0 anyway!
  4. Well I passed up on it, I appreciate the insight you all gave but I decided it wasn't for me. Sold it to a true "bass guy" down in Missouri I guess! Anyway I'm back on the hunt for a solid walleye rig for the Other tails, Big Pines, Farm Islands, and Big DLs of our state but not so big I feel uncomfortable on some smaller lakes! Hearing myself I guess I'm kinda picky! Oh well if I'm going to get a boat I better wait and get what I really want!
  5. Haha no its not international I just meant that he's not listing it yet because he wanted me to have the first chance at it.. But you guys did pin me I am hesitant for sure because of the Ottertail factor and limitations the boat could have. I will continue to think on this one!
  6. That's great to hear! It has an 24V 80lb thrust Minn Kota on it so maybe trolling for awhile can still happen. That's a great point about the number of guys I could fish with. I typically only have 1 other guy with me so I should be ok,granted in the future I might need to adjust for family joinin me!
  7. thank you for the replies, i appreciate the perspectives alot! its great to hear that it can work out! the boat has a 150 four stroke and a terrova ipilot. i fish all styles and i understand maybe i wont be able to troll all day but i feel like i dont troll for hours on end, ill either change it up and drift or pitch some jigs\swimbaits or cast cranks.
  8. Hey guys I know this is a conversation that's happened before and I apologize if I am restarting an existing post. Long story short I am in the market and very near to purchasing a new (for me) boat. I have come across an opportunity to buy a 2004 Ranger 185vs in great condition for a reasonable price. Beautiful boat, love how it looks my only problem is I am not a bass guy primarily! I fish walleye and from my posts on this forum I fish the Becker county area, Brainerd lakes most often. I take trips to Mille lacs and LOTW as well but I am not buying a boat for those huge bodies of water. So my question is,do you guys think I will be able to effectively and comfortably fish walleye in lakes like Gull,Whitefish, Ottertail, Big Detroit, Sallie, Melissa, etc on average days weather wise from a 2004 Ranger 185vs?? I've had an internal struggle for months now and the seller is getting inpatient so any thoughts, comments, experiences would be great thanks!! Good luck to those chasing deer this weekend!
  9. Moses2531

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    Another fun trout opener, had to work but got enough for a meal. Set up in 30 FOW towards the middle of the lake and waited for the pressure around the edges push 'em our direction! Since it was a little slower maybe there will be more left to catch the rest of this season..??
  10. Any thoughts or reasons why you guys think the Mille Lacs 'eyes on average seem thinner? I stop and fish it occassionally on the way to the Whitefish Chain of Lakes and yeah I catch more numbers in Mille Lacs by far but they do seem thinner than the ones I manage to land out of WFC? It cant be a forage issue can it??
  11. I like Forest, Green, St. Croix and Big Marine as probably my go to
  12. I dont see an Oregon thread, are Washington fisherman just more willing to share reports?? Just wondering if any on this thread fish further south along the Oregon coast?? Just returned from the Wilson River and the high waters limited the fishing. Wasnt able to hook into any and only saw 2 rolls higher up.
  13. I dont get it? Im guessing the fishing opportunities arent that great in the area then??
  14. Just about to wrap up the long journey of Optometry school this year and it finishes with a year of external rotations to clinics all over the country. There is a great opportunity to work for a clinic up in Bethel Alaska and I was just wondering if there was some fishing information about the area that you guys might have being that I am very unfamiliar with the area! I will be going up in May and staying until late August so I was wondering if I should bring my fishin poles!? Is there any shore fishing opportunities (as I will not be bringing up a boat) and I have found that the Salmon come in during this time? Are they caught in traditional manners and techniques?? Thanks for any and all the help!
  15. Hey thanks Jiggin! i appreciate the insight and tips! I will definitly give that rig a shot considering I am still empty handed as far as bringing a Steely in! I agree its addicting though, I try and get out every weekend!
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