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  1. i didn't know where to put this so it's here. does anyone know of some good public land near the st. cloud area for a first time archery hunter? i go to st.cloud state and was wondering if there were some good areas within 10 or so min. any help would be great
  2. if you are gonna try it that way you should film it so everyone can see how well it works.
  3. LiLBro

    HS Hockey

    i'm taking hill-murray right now, especially with holy angels out. hill has a pretty good roster with strong seniors like Bryant Skarda and Brian Arrigoni and some great younger players like mike hoeffel (thank god he's going to the "U") they are my fav at this point but i'm still a little sad that holy angels is out of it because they always bring a lot nice looking female fans.
  4. LiLBro

    cool quote

    i can almost guarantee that i won't live to be even close to 80, i have heart problems, bad knees, bad shoulders, and i've done a lot of things that they wouldn't show on Jackace on MTV because of content. but thats they only way you can live, here and now, cuz thats where you are.
  5. www.imsdesign.com/d7a.jpg thar she blows, me new fishing boat
  6. any good campgrounds near the metro or all all of them hood?
  7. LiLBro

    high school hockey

    what are some of your predictions for high school hockey this year? also any good players or teams you watch.
  8. i know there is already a post like this, but most of those ones cost a lot of money. simple question. what is the best underwater camera for under $200 bucks? i'm broke and saving for college, anyhelp thanks! or if anyone knows someone with a used one for cheap give me a holler!
  9. woo, we do not talk about my beloved gophers that way!!!!!i grew up watching them since i was a little gopher pup!!!!!they are my team and i'll defend them till i die!!!!!! i get to see them at St.cloud on october 28th, its gonna be shibby!!!!
  10. LiLBro

    just wouldn't bite

    was fishing monday and saw some pretty good bass. they were cruising the shallows chasing sunfish. they were very aggressive but i coulldn't get them to bite on anything. i used shallow crankbaits (sub-wart), stickbaits, soft plastics that look identical to sunfish but i just couldn't get 'em on! any tips for these picky bass?
  11. I was wondering if their are any lakes in the st.paul area that are good for fishing muskies? i heard owasso was alright but i was wondering if that was the best.
  12. my boat of 5 had everyone catch a northern. i personally caught 7 northern, my older bro caught 3 or 4, eveyone else caught one. no walleyes or crappies. one jumbo perch.
  13. LiLBro

    My Prom Dilemma

    actually she wanted to fish to so i found a pretty good girlfriend!
  14. On Saturday May,7 i was confronted with a choice, with or without a rod; i chose with but forgot to grab it as i walked out my door to the limo. My prom was on a boat on the mississippi, and i wanted to go fishing. when we arrived and i saw the water i realized i was a moron. before i went in i was talking to my my buddy chris and his girlfriends uncle Matt Koalska. Matt said to me, "someone should have brought a fishing rod!" my heart dropped. Prom was fun without a fishibng rod, but eveytime i looked over the railing on the boat, i saw fish chasing bait. NEXT YEAR I'M BRINGING A ROD!!!!!!!
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