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  1. Thanks for all the tips everyone. I don't have the latest sonar, just a Garmin 240, but I know how to use it well and get it adjusted for the situation at hand. I run a handheld GPS with Lakemaster maps so I can see where the contours are in relation to the boat. I think my biggest problem is very limited time on a lake when I am out. When you only have a day or day and a half to fish, the pressure to get on fish is huge and effects the way I fish. It's the "too much too fast" thing I would say. I just need to find a way to get rid of all the other obligations that limit my fishing time I guess. I'll be at it again next Fall again. I'll take the info I got from the other boats that day and from this site and see if I can get something in the net. For now, it's on to ice fishing. Thanks.
  2. We were out on Vermillion a few weeks ago looking for walleye and was told by a couple bait shops that the fish were in the 30-40 foot depths with vertical jig/minnow presentations. This is the same info we got from anglers at the end of the day that had fish in the livewells. We fished areas that were pointed out to us and never had a bite nor marked a fish. The question is, how does a person rule out unproductive water when you are moving slow enough to keep your jig vertical in that depth of water? It seemed like we wouldn't cover much ground at that speed. When I hear people say that if you don't mark fish or get a bite in 10-15 minutes to move on but it just seemd that we didn't cover any area in that time. I'm sure we spent too much time in dead spots or when we did cover some ground we were moving too fast. The thing that got me was everyone we talked to said they never marked any fish where they ended up catching fish. We can hold out own when it comes to shallow water, early season jig/minnow and mid summer bottom bouncer fishing but this fall bite has us stumped. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
  3. I have a pair of the $8 baffle plugs you are talking about. They do the job letting you hear fairly normally for calling then shutting out hte gun blast when you pull the trigger. The problem I had with them is my ears got sore after having them in a few hours. I have since gone to a pair of the electronic muffs where you can control the noise level. They work great nad keep your ears warm in the cold morning wind. The only problem I have with them is when the wind blows directly into the microphone. It gets a little loud then so I have to turn the upwind muff down a little.
  4. Recently I was reading in a North Dakota magazine about how their fishing laws stated that party fishing was illegal in their State. I usually always fish alone so I asked myself, how about party fishing in MN. Is it legal or not? I looked in the 2010 regs and all I could find was the DNR's definition of a fishing party. Nothing about the manner of party fishing, where a person can only legally catch his/hers limit and not apply any further fish caught to someone elses limit, was mentioned. So, if 2 people were out fishing and one was having all the luck and catching keeper fish, does the person with the lucky rod have to stop keeping fish once they reach their limit or could they help the other fill out?
  5. Walking the dog a few nights ago around 8pm and as we get out toward the main road I see a car come driving much slower that the posted 55mph speed limit. As they get to the freshly cut corn fields out pop 3 spot lights and the country side gets all lit up. They were scanning those fields pretty hard too. Funny thing is there are occupied houses and farms all around the area. I guess they could have been looking for their lost dog.
  6. Those hyfax strips look a lot like the ones I make myself. Mine are 1" wide by 1/2" thick though. You will love them as they really save the bottom of your sled.
  7. Not sure if someone will pick up the Blue Book portion or not Wayne. I stopped in there yesterday on my way back from ND and they have a ton of winter fishing tackle on the shelves at 40%. The summer tackle is getting picked over but there is still a good selection of Rapala's on the walls and lots of Berkley and Power Bait plastics to pick from. The standard markup in the tackle industry is 40% so that means you are gettting this stuff at dealer cost right now. They still have some nice Gortex Hodgman Break-Up camo jackets and bibs left too. With this cold snap coming through they would be great for the bow hunters. All the Hodgman items are already 50% off! Don was saying he was going to run the 50% off ad in the paper this weekend and that would be the final reduction. If it doesn't sell at 50% off, he'll just box it up and form a plan "B". Get in there and fill your winter tackle box up for a steal and help a good guy out in the process.
  8. Stopped at Rapids Tackle this weekend while working stands to see what they had left. They are at 40% off right now and still have a very good selection. Lots and lots of ice fishing tackle left. I saw a decent selection of Hodgman Gortex raingear and hunting jackets left along with a selection of Hodgman rubber hunting boots. Man, at 40% off, someone could get an excellent pair of boots for around $25.00. If they had my size, a pair would have gone home with me. If the business doesn't sell, they will also have all their bait tanks and display fixtures for sale also. Lots of plastic bait tanks the size of washing machines and a few larger stock tanks. Check it out if you are in the market for these things.
  9. Just saw the ad in the paper and talked to the owner. After 40 years in the business, Don at Rapids Tackle has decided to call it quits and retire. Rapids Tackle is located in Grand Rapids, MN on the West end of town on Highway 2. About 3 blocks past the big liquor store on the North side of the Hwy. Everything in the store is marked down and he has two businesses for sale. The main business is Rapids Tackle itself. Mainly a summer and winter fishing bait and tackle store, they also carry reloading and black powder supplies. The other business is the Fisherman's Blue Book. A yearly publication of large fish caught in the area and weighed in at sponsoring businesses and resorts in the Itasca County area. Some of you may even have your names listed. Stop in and check out the deals and wish Don a happy retirement. Rapids Tackle is at 1707 NW 4th St, Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-9838 When this store is gone, the town will have really lost the best place for fishing information they had.
  10. Fishing tackle at HD huh? And people wonder why the small bait and tackle shops are going out of business left and right To me, all these big box stores are no better than Walmart. Sure they have an unmatched selection but they come into an area and charge next to nothing for everything they sell and when they "buy out" the small competition, the prices start going up. I'd rather shop at a place that actually smells like bait than walk into a huge store with a log sided front enterance where they sell everything from jigs to boats and ATV's.
  11. Boy, that pic sure takes me back to my spearing days. Awesome shot!
  12. I want to hear about this one too. I love taking my Lab with me places but so far, the boat hasn't been one of them. When he does get to come along he is constantly moving from one end to the other, crawling all over everything and doing his patented "otter slide" off the back of the boat only to use the transducers as a foothold to get back in. I haven't had a chance to land a fish with him along yet but he has tasted a Rapala and didn't like it very much.
  13. I feel for you. I had what they call golf elbow a few summers ago. Don't know why since I don't play golf but whatever I guess. GE affects the opposite tendons that TE does. I also got the velcro arm strap. From what I could tell, it didn't do anything but ease the pain for a very short time and then the hurt came back. I stopped using it after a couple weeks. From there I just babied my arm, thankfully it was my left and I'm right handed, but it took a good 3 months and all of a sudden the pain was gone. Almost like someone flipped a switch. Are you right handed? If so, I would guess you haven't been able to baby it as much as I did mine and the recovery time would be longer. Can't give you any pointers to help get rid of it. Like I said, when I finally got rid of it I had some pain one day and then never felt it again. Hope it stays away.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'm currently thinking of placing my N65 on the shelf and get the D50. I already have the Nikor lenses so all I need is the body. I've taken a lot of high speed action shots with the "N" but go through a lot of film to get a few good shots. Digitals are nice. Don't like the pic, hit delete. Thanks for posting the great pics. Ed
  15. Nice pics there Buzzsaw. Could you tell us what you are using for a camera and what settings you are at with these types of "in air" pics? I want to get out one of these days and try to get some nice shots for the photo book. That second picture of yours looks like a painting. Very cool. Thanks.
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