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  1. Voyagers National Park is my favorite place to fish as I enjoy all of the wildlife sightings in addition to the great fishing. I am new to using a DSLR and used it for the first time on a recent trip. Please critique these photos as I want to learn how to get better photos. The eagle in the tree is the one I would really like to know how to improve. I took about 50 shots but since it was overcast none really looked that good. Is there a way to account for the poor lighting?
  2. I had the same problem on my first boat it was a fiberglass Bayliner that could not handle a standard bracket. If you are looking to do this on the cheap here is what I did and it lasted for three years with no problems before I finally traded in on a new Crestliner Sportfish. I Cut a piece of 3/4" green treat plywood in the shape of the bow that was large enough to mount a removeable braket. I then cut a piece of outdoor/marine carpet that was large enough to cover the top and sides of the plywood. Glued on the carpet with outdoor glue. Then I cut a smaller piece of plywood to fit under the bow fiberglass. Then clamped both pieces into place and drilled four holes through the strongest areas of the fiberglass. Fastened the top and bottom sections of plywood together with stanless steal bolts. Next I bolted the base of the removeable mount to the top piece of plywood. I had to drill additional holes in the mount to be able to bolt through the plywood where there was clearance away from the fiberglass. I trailered this boat all over the state and ran it in some rough water. It was quite secure and by matching the carpet with the carpet that was in my boat it did not look too bad. A cheap way to solve your problem but with any garage fix your results could be different than mine.
  3. The co-pilot is not a complete trolling motor. It is the wireless acessory for Minnkota powerdrive or autopilot motors that allows you to steer it from a tiny remote control device. You can find it under accesories on Minnkota's HSOforum.
  4. I'm not a fan of Dick's either but with the new Cabelas opening up it won't matter anyway. They do have some things on clearance that are a good deal. I just picked up a MinnKota Co-Pilot for $129 at their Minnetonka store. I've never seen these anywhere else for less than $159. So if anyone is looking for a Co-Pilot they still have about five left at the Minnetonka store.
  5. I sometimes hunt with a small video camera mounted on a bracket on my bow. It's great to capture video of the deer and other animals you see from the stand. I know others who do the same and they usually get much better footage than those who attach their camera to a bracket that is not on their bow. We hunt QDM so we get to video a lot of bucks that we let walk. The down side is the Pope & Young rule that you can not have any electronics on your bow. Having a video camera in place of your stabilizer certainly adds challenge and by no means makes the hunt easier. To get used to the extra weight I had to make a lead-filled, wood-block camera simulator for practicing. It's not good to subject the camera to the shock just for practice but they can handle it for the few times a year that you shoot at deer. This will become a larger issue since there are now several bow mount video cameras. What are your thoughts on the need for this rule change?
  6. I follow the normal routines to be scent free but I smoke in the stand and I don't think it hurts a thing. Where I hunt there is a lot of deer and I spend a lot of time in the trees. Every once in a while I'll get winded by a deer that approaches the stand from the wrong way. So I end up convincing myself it was the cigarette smoke and I tough it out in the stand a few days without smoking. When the hunting gets tough I end up smoking again because I can stay in the stand way longer when I'm not having nicotine fits. A lot of times when I start smoking again I'll see more deer than when not smoking. I'm sure this has more to do with weather as I don't believe the cigs actually attract deer. The bottom line though is that I've had to put smokes out to shoot so many times that I no longer believe that smoking in the stand is really going to spook deer. Anyone comments from others who have smoked on the stand and witnessed deer behavior?
  7. Anyone sucessfully install a transducer on a MinnKota Powerdrive, the model does not have the built in transducer? I have the kit but not sure how to install it without ending up with problems on the water later. Should I just install a regular transducer on the stern for my bow mount Vexilar? I'm headed to Rainy next week and would like to get it installed but won't have a chance to get it out on the water before Rainy. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I researched like a madman before buying my second boat. I often fish with my wife and two kids when not lucky enough to be fishing with friends. I chose a Crestliner 1750 Sportfish with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke and have never regreted my choice. It's the perfect boat for a family man as it also fishes well with dual live wells. We can fish big water and get into the smaller metro lakes as well.
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