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  1. This is a 4 year old Ice Castle 8x16 wheelhouse with a v-nose. Bathroom, 11 holes, rattle reels, hole lights, 12v lights, 3 exterior lights, bunks in rear, pine interior, gray carpet, oven/3-burner stove, range hood, tv antenna, cd/radio with antenna, generator hookup with power converter, 18,000 BTU forced air furnace, 12v chargers, 110 outlets and plenty of storage. Comfortably fishes and sleeps 4. I have used it once a year and the wife says it has to go.
  2. disconnected my two stage regulator from the tank the other night after it was working fine, then hooked it up today and can't get any propane through. i'm thawing the regulator out now...could there be another issue? the vent is supposed to be down, right?
  3. bought this ice castle shell, then did the inside myself.
  4. make sure you have a window big enough for an ac. you don't have to get the roof mount one.
  5. i use antenna. i don't watch a lot of tv, but its nice to get fox in digital signal for the vikings games and weather. have a playstation for games/dvds.
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