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  1. we fished 10/24 at thompson creek fishing was outstanding. white/blue fuzzy grub and a frozen shinner was all it took, and for about 2 hours during the middle of the day we didnt need a minnow. not to many people out,except the d.n.r hoping to make one last run before deer hunting.
  2. eastwind where could we get some minnows upthere. b.v has only a limtied supply? were bringing some frozen shinners for walleye's would they also work for crappie's???? thanks e.w
  3. leaving for morson early saturday a.m for a day or two of crappie/walleye action. anybody been fishin out by smokehouse,thompson or o.b within the last few days. thanks
  4. lake of the woods/rainy river sat,sun and to milelacs on mon,tues.
  5. bojangles

    open water

    paul sorry but one last question whats the best route saint louis park area. got a little quick on the trigger before and posted a message twice.
  6. bojangles

    open water

    paul thanks for the quick response.and for all the info.
  7. bojangles

    open water

    where is lilydale what river is that minnesota,mississippi or st croix not familar with the river system around the cities. also is there alot of current.is it very crowded on the weekends. thanks for the info paul
  8. bojangles

    open water

    looking for a lake and or a river within 1 hour of the cities, that is open, would perfer a lake but rivers open alot faster.to start the breakin of my new t-8,before we head to the rainy.red wing is to far and crowded. any info would be greatley appericiated.
  9. im looking for a place in the twin cites area,to purchase a new t-8 tiller with power tilt,trim also high thurst thanks for your help.
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