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  1. I agree, very nice lake. My aunt and uncle live on Windigo, and I have another aunt and uncle that live on Grindstone. Windigo is a fun lake to fish. Lot's and lot's of structure. I've never ice fished it yet, but one of these years I will. The eagles follow my aunts pontoon around and all the small northern she catches the eagles snag them up as soon as she releases them. Pretty cool to see. I'll be on Grindstone this weekend. Hopefully the fish will be biting.
  2. Let's say a guy finds oodles of them. Where's the best place to try and sell some?
  3. If you are talking about the frame itself, yes they sell frames. I'm not totally sure if they sell the arm that the winch sits on, I'm sure they would. If you just need the winch you can try northern tool, or any farm store would have just the winch. Otherwise you can always just do a search online.
  4. You can try Miltona Black Smith. Located in Miltona MN.
  5. Has anybody been paying attention to these females? They play a wicked game of football. I've already got tickets to thier game on the 14th. These females play harder than alot of the NFL stars.
  6. AndyM

    Rattle Reels

    Sportsmans warehouse, or probally the man's mall or wally world?
  7. My experience, use the forage minnow spoon from northland tackle. You will catch walleye, bass, northern, sunfish, crappie and perch. Tip one or all of the treble hooks with some wax worms. One of the best jiggin' spoons I've used. But this is just my opinion. Or just take a friend out with you every time and have him or her bait your hook for you!!!
  8. Won't be too much longer!!!
  9. This will be my 4th time at the tournament. You all do a GREAT job with this tournament. One of the best I've been to. I still haven't caught a fish yet, but I did win the pre-registration drawing last year!!!
  10. I have to agree with Mid-Lake Rock, Miltona Blacksmith makes a GREAT frame. Very well built frames for a reasonable price. My brother ordered his from there,$1350 for a 8'6" x 14' with a 3'V.
  11. AndyM

    Hole Lights

    Who all uses individual hole lights, and are they all that helpfull? I'm not sure if I'm gonna put them in the new house or not.
  12. The road is a very good possibility. Other things to check are tire pressure, tounge weight, or weight distribution.
  13. I'm glad those lights worked out for you. Some day I will be trying the LED's just because they barely draw anything.
  14. You need a 12volt dimmer switch.
  15. For this area you would have better luck posting in the south-central forum. The majority of the lakes around the rice county area have docks at the accesses. I know on Hunts you can catch all sorts of small panfish right off the dock with an occassional bass. Mazaska, Kelley Dudley, Fox, would be an option. Circle lake has a nice pier to fish from. Not sure if any of this helps.
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