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  1. Thanks guys. I guess if sturgeon are known to jump completely out of the water it probably was a sturgeon. If it was a muskie it was a world record no doubt...... I just did not think sturgeon would be in a small lake....
  2. This may seem like a weird question but here goes. My buddy and I were fishing for muskies on a small 200 acre lake in Wisconsin. On two straight mornings a HUGE fish jumped completely out of the water right in the middle of the lake. When I say huge I mean huge. It was about 100 yards away and both of us swear it was over 5 feet. The question I have is #1 would sturgeon even be in a small Wisonsin lake not connected to rivers etc? And even if they could be in there do Sturgeon come to the surface and jump completely out of the water? I thought they are bottom dwellers. I say it was a muskie. Any thoughts? Thanks, Joe
  3. I agree with all the posts, but what possible reason could they have for not signing any big name players. It sure would have been nice getting, I don't know an actual offensive defenseman (Niedermeyer? Or maybe have another skilled offensive forward besides Bouchard and Gaborik. Those of you that are going to stick with them and continue to shell out your hard earned dollars to watch an organization that refuses to spend money, I admire your loyalty.....
  4. I am so glad somebody made a post about this. My feelings exactly. What a fricken joke. I will never buy a ticket to a twins game or wild game. The Wild brag about sell out after sell out, we are the state of hockey etc etc. Yet all they do is sign journeyman after journeyman. Its always this guy is going to resurrect his career under "our system" What a complete scam. Both the Twins and the Wild are minor league jokes. There is no excuse for not signing a big name free agent. I will not even watch them on tv. More fishing and family time......
  5. Has anyone ever fished Nicaboyne Lake for crappies in the winter? I will be in the area this weekend and I am thinking of giving it a try. I noticed a nice 30 foot hole. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  6. I posted this in another area and I am going to try a separate post. Is there anyone in the area that can tell me about ice conditions? We are planning to come up to a small lake in the area and I am wondering how the ice is up there? Thanks for any help, Joe
  7. Luckbites, we are thinking of fishing some of the small lakes by Webb Lake/ Danbury such as fish , long etc. The ice should be good by Friday right? Thanks, Joe
  8. Three peat champions of what? The worst division in baseball? Wow that is awesome......... The Twins complain about fans not coming to games. Maybe spend some money and I will come, otherwise you will always be a second tier team. Wow that is great......
  9. Hey Farley and Mudcutter ya still think I am wrong about it lost the series............ They had their chance and they blew it once again.
  10. Pikehunter, thanks for your comments. I disagree about Radtke and the bullpen though. Our bullpen didn't even give up a hit for 4+ innings. There is a big difference between being down 4-3 and 5-3. That was the 4th time through the batting order when he faced jeter, a -rod etc. Balfour should have started the inning. By the way, I never knew Jacque Jones had such a cannon of an arm.....
  11. Anything but Kubel. That was embarassing....... And it lost the series. Believe it or not I think the Yanks are more vulnerable at home.
  12. I gotta vent boys... No Gardy should not be fired but he did blow that game last night and probably the series. He had two terrible decisions. Brad Radtke should not have started the 7th inning. You have the best bullpen in baseball use it. Why would you send Homer Radtke in to face that top of the line up again? The worst decision was to not pinch hit for Jason Fricken Kubel when they had guys on second and third with only one out. There was no way this guy was going to touch the ball in Yankee stadium agaist the best closer in baseball. He should have had Ford or anyone who could actually make contact. All they needed was a fly ball to take the lead.......
  13. muskiejoe


    I would love to play also....
  14. Thanks guys. I had a feeling deep cribs were better in the middle of summer and winter. Is that right? Thanks, Joe p.s. I just know there are cribs because all the muskie guys troll crankbaits over them in the summer in crappie patterns.
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