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  1. Any info on ice out in the Sioux Lookout area?
  2. I spent the 17,18,and 19 on Sen Bay. We encountered rain the three days and that slowed the fish down. The under slot fish were in 4 to 8 feet of water and the females were in 22 to 28 feet of water. Pitching jigs in the shallows provided eater for shore lunch each day. Our best fish were a 28 1/2 and a 29 inch fish which were scattered in deeper waters. The water temps ranged from 62 to 65 degrees. Best bait was a jig and minnow combo.
  3. Vibration in forward also.
  4. The vibration happens when the motor is in neutral and gets worst when in reverse. Mercury changed the 40 hp power head from a 700cc three cyl. to a 900cc four cly. I wonder if the reason could be low end vibration?
  5. The boat is a Lund Fury. The vibration does go away when I bump the idle up and I would say it is a harmonic distortion. Since the boat is set up for back trolling I really need the low RPM. The motor is under warranty.
  6. The idle speed was factory set at 800 RPMs
  7. I have a 2013 700CC Mercury 4 stroke 40 HP motor with three cylinders. The motor runs well but at idle the motor vibrates causing vibration noise in the bow casting platform. The noise is quite loud and annoying and has done this from day one. Any info on a fix? Thank you.
  8. BINGO, we can all gripe on this forum or any other and it may not make a difference but if everyone contacted their state reps, maybe something could be done, much better chance of doing that and getting somewhere then here.
  9. Water levels,water temp,what is working and how deep?
  10. For the good info on operating your 62s, http://www.gpscity.com/videos/play/thwY4_dRpec
  11. Bob/Mn

    My Ion broke

    Sorry to hear you have had a problem. I got to try out a Ion yesterday;What a sweet machine!!
  12. http://parkrapidsamericanlegion.com/fishingderby.html
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