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  1. So if you are fishing a walleye tournament and you are part of a 2 man team and the tournament has a 6 fish limit. Are you able to cull if "technically" each person only has 3 fish in the box? This sounds like another big gray area to me.
  2. Hey guys I picked up a 1997 polaris classic touring last spring and went to pull it out of storage over the weekend. I put a new battery in it and turned the key and she turned right over. Well after turning it over maybe 5 different times I got the sled going and then it quit on me. I went to turn the key and nothing. No clicking or anything. I then pulled it going and she started right up. I got the sled home and looked around but couldn't find anything obvious. What do you think is the problem, starter or something electrical? I did put the charger on the battery also just in case and that didn't change anything either.
  3. Was I looking correctly last night that Montana jacked up there nonresident fee for the big game combianation license to $912. I think it was like $643 last year. Can anybody tell me if I am correct on this??
  4. I had something pretty similar to this over the weekend hunting the early antlerless season. The deer showed up in the field early and and disappeared about 10 min. later to only come back from the direction they left right at dark. I know there is water on the neighbors property so that is what I am thinking is going on. They grab a quick bite to eat and then go grab a drink and back to feeding before the bed down again. It's been really dry this year and chances are they have to go farther then they normally would to find some water.
  5. My bubby and I both own 10 mm glocks and we purchased a bulk qty. from DbleT and the practice loads were very inaccurate all over the place for some reason. But the carry/hunting loads seem to be alot better. Just something to keep in mind also.
  6. It's a brand new 1250 watt generator. That would make sense that we didn't have enough load on it since we were just running the 2 light bulbs. I am just concerned if we hook something a little more sensitive to it that the fluctuation might cause some damage. But I will try another light like previously mentioned.
  7. Hello, I am looking for some reply's from guys with experience using generator's. We just picked up a generator for the fish house and we have 2 60 watt bulbs wired in. When we run the lights they constantly flicker or get brighter and dimmer. Is this common or did we maybe get a faulty generator. Just wondering what everyone else has seen.
  8. Deitz, I totally understand all that, the part that gets me is you talk to one guy there and he says we'll have it by Friday and then nothing shows up and I talk to another guy today and he doesn't know when they are getting the new parts in for it. They told me it's a new part swap out. I guess I am wondering how many other people are having this problem if they are this far out on having new camera heads in stock.
  9. Has anybody else had problems with Marcum's customer service. We sent our vs560 in over 2 weeks ago and still have not got it back. I called last week and they told me that we would have it by friday. And I called today again and they wouldn't even give an estimate of when we will get the camera back. We sent it in because of water leaking inside the camera head. They said they are waiting on camera's from the factory. Anybody else had this problem??
  10. Does anybody know how many watts it takes to run the satelite dish & TV? I am buying a generator and was wondering how big I have to get?
  11. Blaze.. Yeah the whole axle pulls out. I believe we have to take one tire off as well but when you have a couple of guys we are usually set up within 10 min. We aren't too big into moving. We have our spots on our favorit lakes and usually sit there. It works for us but I have some other idea's in my head for a drop down type if we ever remodle the whole thing. I'll see what I can do on the pictures.
  12. We did a camper conversion also and what we did with the frame was mount two more jacks on each back corner and then we replaced the bolts were the axle springs mount to the frame with hitch pins. Then all we have to do is jack it up and pull the pins and pull the axle out and drop the house down to the ice. We did weld some 4 inch skids on the bottom of the frame so it doesn't go all the way to the ice which helps with the jack length also.
  13. I was wishing something like this would be invented. I have a pair of pants that have been hanging in the garage for almost two years because they have so many burs on them. Where did you buy this from? I need to get one.
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