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  1. bak2MN

    New sled for wife

    LOL. Its ok but I sure like my new crossfire I bought for myself!!
  2. bak2MN

    New sled for wife

    Thanks guys but not going to pay $200 a day. Just was wondering what any of your wives are riding to get a idea what they were riding. Bought her a 2014 mxz with the 900 ace 4 stroke. All the sleds she test drove (test drove a lot) she liked this the best
  3. bak2MN

    Rebuilding shocks?

    It cost me a $130 to have mine rebuilt vs 200 to 300 new.
  4. bak2MN

    New sled for wife

    Looking for a new sled for the wife. Long track short track. four stroke 2 stroke? Heading to Jackson Hole for a week soon and don't think the old 440 MXZ is up for it. Don't want her to et beat to death. We are getting into more riding then we did before. Any thoughts?
  5. bak2MN

    Rebuilding shocks?

    Fetts Brothers in Detroit Lakes can rebuild them for you. Just had one done.
  6. bak2MN

    Help with smoked pulled pork

    Was going to bbq sauce on it but after shredding it and taste testing last night it will be left the way it is!! And the sauce will be on the side. First tim doing it and it turned out great I think. I like a little more smoke so next time it will stay on a little more. Wife don't like it that much smoke but its not for her
  7. bak2MN

    Help with smoked pulled pork

    7 hours on the smoker then 4.5 hrs in the oven now resting in the cooler looks good and smells even better. will let you know later on how it tastes!! It better turn out or I am screwed for graduation party
  8. bak2MN

    Help with smoked pulled pork

    I will be using this thread for my sons graduation party meat. First time so will see how it goes!!
  9. bak2MN

    Finishing basement after installing drain tile

    glue them and hit in few spots with the hammer nailer and good to go. They should have to stretch the carpet that hard?
  10. bak2MN

    Egg Boiling People

    Now now guys You guys are hilarious!!!!
  11. bak2MN

    Aluma Lite Skid Houses

    I have a 8x10 no v. Pull it with 800 summit. Could be pulled with my 500 indy as well. Just have the plastic on the skids for sure.
  12. bak2MN

    Another fun trip

    Memories made there!!
  13. bak2MN

    Aluminum fish house shell

    Don't have any idea on their houses but the spray foam in any house is definitely worth the money. Good luck.
  14. bak2MN

    Propane pre-buy prices?

    I own my tank and can buy from anyone. Farrell is always the cheapest or close enough that I use them.