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  1. John Fished the Detroit River yesterday with guide Kevin Long. Most fish were in the 15 to 18 inch range. Caught 32 total and kept our limits for dinner tonite.
  2. I just thought that I would post a Michigan Muskie. Hey Tom.... Remember Dave, Jake and "Nip"
  3. Opener was 4 days ago in the Lower Peninsula. Except for the Detroit River (where it is open all year)
  4. I think you are on the right track. My choice is AbuGarcia 5600c4 with a Shimano Compre H 7 ft.
  5. davev

    Opening Move

    Most of the year, I envy the MN fishermen. Except in Michigan, our opening moves are a little earlier than MN. The Detroit River really gets going before the ice comes off your northern lakes. We'll be out there with jig and minnow in early April catching the "Big Girls" and releasing them.
  6. Pikemaster, If you do a search in this forum for the "Minkota remote" on all forums, you should find a lot of discussion about it. Having said that, I would not be without my autopilot with a remote (co-pilot). I use the autopilot feature to stay on course along a shoreline while I am casting. The wind can still be a problem, though. Into the wind works better than with the wind. The co-pilot works well for me when I am lindy-rigging along a contour. I sit in the back of the boat and watch the sonar. Remote in my right hand and pole in my left hand. For vertical jigging, nothing works better for me than a foot control, since I am standing up and jigging with two poles (or one).
  7. Jammer Another vote for Lowrance. Their new color units are awesome even in the sun. I can see my bowmount 100C from the back of the boat.
  8. In Michigan, they talk about fishing for muskies in the propwash of freighters on the Detroit River. I never tried it though.
  9. I will second RK's compliments and recommendations for Vermillion. I spent two days with MuskiTom and my two boys in 2003. What a blast!! Hang on to your hat when you are riding with Tom. Jake and Nick("Nip") have been talking about going back there every time we mention Fishing Vacations. Why don't you take your buddies to the "Musky School" and get the benefit of 4 guides. We are seriously considering it.
  10. Phew!!! for a moment there, I thought I was an ice fisherman
  11. davev

    Test Post

    I just had to try this avatar
  12. It's looking like I can get up to the Sioux Narrows area in Mid August! I've fished in Morson area in June before. Is there anything different about walleye fishing in this area? I hope to stay at the Tomahawk RV Park. Is this a good choice?
  13. davev

    Favorite Bird

    No question about it. LOON Why? Because then I know that I am fishing in Minnesota and not at work in Michigan.
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