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  1. I went with a Honda 2000 Companion. So that in the summer we can utilize a buddies 2000 and parallel connect them to run the air conditioner. The Companion has the 30 amp outlet. Just a thought. WG
  2. Tomorrow morning from 8-11 Grant County Shooters Association is hosting their final IBS 600 yard shoot event of the season at the range north of Elbow Lake, MN. Anyone with an interest in shooting long range can stop by to see what it is all about. If you plan to shoot be there b4 8 am. Some of the top midwest shooters will be there. Lots of guns to drool over for sure and most likely some small groups and scores recorded. Directions - Take Grant/Ottertail County Line Hwy 26 two miles east of Hwy 59. South on gravel 200 yards. Bring ear protection. Later, WG
  3. I keep wishing my Lund 1750 was a foot longer and a foot wider like that Crestliner. Have had good luck with the Merc 125 that is on my Lund. Any ideas as to the hours on the Merc? Don't know if I could get past the scratches or dings, possibly if they are not too bad. It does sound like the Lund owner was very particular. Is the bow mount on the Crestliner a model that could be converted to Ipilot? This is a tougher decision than meets the eye. Good luck! Let us know which one! WG
  4. +1 on maintaining records. Pics, receipts, etc. You can't always remember all the stuff even if you had the coverage amount needed. Added proof for the adjuster/company in the form of pictures and receipts makes it easier for everyone. Homeowners policy (personal property) as well. Records and more records is always better. Tight lines, WG
  5. Waska: Yeh, helping with Al's. Also working on a friends .308 and just finished up with Ross's AR-15 in .204. Such fun! WG
  6. Anybody reloading for this caliber? Friend picked one up. Any pet combinations of bullets, powder, etc. Also anything else to watch for with this round. He has brass and dies on the way. Thanks in advance. WG
  7. Carpenter: Depends on your definition of long range? I would start here: defensiveedge dot .net left hand side is a tab for classes. Also suggest here for some great info. Long range hunting dot com If you are looking for something 600 yards and less you can get alot of help from the Harris, MN range or out my way at Grant County Shooters Assoc. as they both have fellas doing alot of shooting at that distance. Harris does 1,000 yard too I do beleive. Any help I can give you just let me know. WG
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKn_umW2zcY&feature=related Goto. A jewel. WG
  9. Scoot: Great read as I live vicariously through you on the hunt. Hope your body recovers soon! Physically can't imagine what you guys would have been like had you not lined up the packers. Ouch. That was a good thought and money well spent. WG
  10. Thanks guys. Thinking Shore Master Fabric at this point as I store it inside in the winter. WG
  11. Need a new boat tarp for travel. Any recommendations on what you guys like. It had a TRS Industries on it. Anyone have a Shoremaster Fabric tarp? Looking for durability, etc. Comments/reviews? Thanks in advance. WG
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