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  1. Corey, I've tried sending you email but it keeps giving me a failure notice. Could you try emailing me again? Do you have another email adress I could try? Thanks, Ben
  2. 79 Alumacraft with 35hp Johnson. Motor is mid 80's. Starts and runs perfect. New flat floor and raised casting decks in boat. Single console. Side rod storage. 40lb stern mount minkota trolling motor (~4yrs old). Two batteries. Fish finder (~4yrs old). Shorlander trailer (some surface rust but works great). New LED trailer lights this year. Bearring Buddies. Spare trailer tire. Two anchors. Bilge pump (not permanently installed). Rubber coated net. Two adjustable pedistle seats (three seat mounts in boat). $1500. Located in Excelsior. I'll try to take some pics tonight if there is interest. You can email me at [email protected] Thanks, Ben
  3. I'm in the same boat lost it. I'm getting consistent deer under the stand but it's allways about 1/2 hour after dark. I'm on the edge of a thick woods and a three year old cut that is flourishing. Alot of deer coming out to feed. I allways start hearing them about 100 yards away just at the end of shooting hours. This week I'm moving into the woods to try and get at them sooner. I'll let you know if that strategy works out. Give us a post if you find a good solution. Good Luck, Lindy
  4. thanks for the help. I'll try and sneak in tomorrow morning. It's gonna be tough though cause I have to cross at least some portion of the field to get back there. Should be interesting.
  5. I usally only get out in the stand in the afternoon (deer). I'd like to try getting out in the morning...do they tend to come through the same areas in the morning as they do at night? Is there a different type of spot to consider in the morning? I'm on a trail leading into a large field from dense woods. It's good getting the deer traveling to the field for thier night time activities, but would you expect them to be traveling in the opposite direction(going back into the woods) in the morning?
  6. Got out saturday afternoon. No birds on the "decent" cover trails. Had to go to prime locations to find any birds. Ground and tree cover was way to thick to get a shot. Saw about four birds all after 5pm. What do you guys feel is their main food source right now?
  7. If you set up your spot to get a shot from a slightly elevated position (such as a small hill)with good cover, is that good enough? Assuming you have a good shooting line, are there other important reasons to have a stand? How high do you need to get? Does it play a large roll in scent? I hunt public so I don't want to put up any sort of permanent, but also think climbing stands are a little risky. Thanks for any help, Lindy
  8. I'm out of duluth. Went out for 3/4 hours on Fish lake this week with no success. Seems like the water is still a little cold for them craps to move in. Anyone else been out up here?? If so, is the bite starting up, or do you think we'll have to wait a while?? When I was out, I was fishing 3-5ft reed pockets in a shallow bay. Forgot the finder at home so I couldn't really check out any deeper structure/breaklines.
  9. I'm wondering if the motor is available. Mine went out last summer and I need a reliable motor under 10h/p. If it is available, could you send a picture along with a decription of it's working condition to [email protected] Thanks.
  10. If you have all the material for the grahp, (mount, transducer, cables, etc.) I'll offer $60. Can email if you like [email protected]
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