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  1. Quote: Other things you may suggest is are you using a clicker, type hooks and how are you hooking your bait. Also, when you have a run, what are you doing right before you attempt to set the hook? many different sized fish may be hitting your bait and that might explain the different runs I am using standard 7/0 and 8/0 Octopus hooks (non-circle), my brother is using 10/0 Gamakatsu Big River hooks. We are both using clickers (6500) and typically letting the fish run for around 20 seconds or so. I then switch the clicker off and lightly thumb the spool, then engage the reel. I then point the rod at the fish and once the line tightens up and the slack is gone, I set the hook. We are hooking the bullies a couple ways, hook through the top of the mouth and also tail hooking, still experimenting a bit with that part. Maybe our issue lies in the run and hook - set part of the game? Thanks!
  2. Okay fellas, my brother and I have been targeting flats for about a year now and we were curious on what you all would say is your average hooking percentage on runs to fish landed. This year we have experienced a plethora of different types of hits, from hard and fast clicker runs, to ones that don't even take clicker, just load up the rod tip a bit. We have had nights of ten runs or more and only landed one flat. Lately we have been having a lot of fish come unbuttoned after the hookset, and some have ran fast and steady, only to feel nothing but 3oz no-roll and bullhead on the other end.... WHIFF! I think we figured we are at about 15 or 20% on average and that may be generous, seems pretty low to us..anything we can do to put the odds in our favor a bit? We are just writing it off as that is the nature of flathead fishing, and maybe our ratio as low as it is, is just "normal" for cattin'? Thanks in advance for your replies, just curious how you would rate your hooking success! I searched back a ways within the forum itself and didn't see much on this topic, but I am sure it is there somewhere buried in the 83 pages.
  3. Area 431 and 424 in my opinion are down dramatically. I have hunted these areas for 15 plus years and my family has hunted it double that. Over the years we have experienced great success to marginal success, but always success of some form. The last five years the word success has dwindled from our hunting stories. Not sure what is going on out here... where are the deer? I should also mention our party hunts only public land, so that very well could be part of our problem, speaking only for a group of 8 or 9 guys who hunt public land, maybe others in this area can tell a different story??
  4. I can see how that could happen with the massive skulls these things have! Can anyone tell me how to put my pic into my avatar?? Seem to be having some struggles figuring that one out! Thanks for all the congrats, now if I can just get the wife to let me go again... she hates this fishing all night stuff, says I am worthless around the house the next day! She'll get over it!
  5. There is a small canoe launch on the Crow just down from the access to the Lake Rebecca park near Rockford, I have fished this spot a few times and done really well for channels. I actually had a very nice fish on there that straightened out my kahle hook and got off, haven't been there at all this year, but might be worth checking out if you are up to the drive! Good Luck
  6. This fish was really a blast! We got this one at around 11:30pm, and then three more really good runs that resulted in nothing. Two got hooked, and just seemed like they let go, and another peeled a ton of line out, and was not on at the hookset. We are finding these elusive fish when it comes to hooking them. This fish was only my second flathead ever, and we can't wait to get more! Thanks to all the FM'ers who have posted their knowledge and tips, your excellent information has been nothing short of helpful in teaching us the ropes on these great fish!
  7. A buddy and I were at Pasha about a month ago, and had a great time. Chad and Michelle really took good care of us, and the fishing was great! We weren't fishing for lakers on Nipigon, but the opportunities are endless within driving distance of the resort for pike and walleyes. I say again we had a blast and the accomodations and service were top notch in my book. Chad made every effort possible to ensure we had a great trip, and we definitely did!
  8. There is one off of HWY 65, on the east side near Ham Lake/East Bethel. I think it is called Beaverbrook or something. I believe that one is only open on weekends, and may only be the 4 Sats. leading to the opener. There is usually a good wait, I wanna say like 10 to 15 lanes, with benches, scopes and guys that change out yer targets.
  9. RB Kevan Barlow, and Rudi Johnson. Now that they will not be spliiting touches with another back they could post solid numbers. WR's I think David Boston could find himself posting the numbers he is capable of with the fins, but Kevin Johnson will produce this year. Now that he out of Cleveland, and is now back on a team that will use him as a #1 receiver he will score 8 times or more this season.
  10. I am all for it, and think it is about time!! I usually only get out hunting for roosters a few times a year, but this will give me something to do on a weekend when the ice isn't real thick on the lakes yet!
  11. Webwarrior, don't forget about the kitties on the Shoe, it is loaded with them and they are a lot of fun, Good Luck!!
  12. We tried everything over the years to silence the bear that is my cousin. My personal favorite was whipping change from our pockets at him in fury while he snored away. Didn't work though, and it just made fishing and hunting trips even more expensive. Turns out he had Sleep Apnea, and he was given one of those fancy machines, and it worked like a charm. There are times though when he won't put it on right away, and thought's of chucking another few bucks in change goes through our heads, but then we just wake him up and tell him to wear his F&**ing mask!!!
  13. Well we usually surround a small slough with our hunting party. Myself, my brother and cousin have waders, and wade through the weeds jumping the ducks holding tight to the cover, after that initial jump we habg around for a while waiting for more to come in and land. After that we move on to another slough and do the same thing. A lot of work for us with the waders, but we get most of the ducks too! Only problem is when it is 70 degrees on opener and you trudge through the water and mud, it is easy to dehydrate! Drink lots of water and little beer the night before!
  14. Lakemaster map software... Now if she'll just let me go fishing so I can get some use out of it!!!! I love marriage!
  15. CATFISH Married 1 3 yr. old daughter, 1 on the way, 1 4 mo. old chocolate lab (for now he is my only son)
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