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  1. My dad and I got into them on Sunday as well. We ended up with 89 total with 20 of those scaled over 4lbs. We had four of them over 5lbs. We found them in anything that looked good as long as it was in 3-5 feet of water.
  2. 1/2 oz black blue FlaMinn Lures Jig with either a Christopherson trailer or an old fashion Uncle Josh pork frog. I really like the looks or a piece of pork on a jig and one last you all day, unless you get bit off.
  3. I've been taking my dads boat out since I was 16. It was a 1985 Skeeter with a 115 on it then. Now its a new nitro and I'm 26, but he still tells me the same thing. Every time I bring up buying my own boat he tells me he doesn't use his enough, treat it with respect, and fix anything you break. He also expects me to help with maintenance and cleaning. Even when my dad is with, which is probably 90% of the time, I usually drive to the lake and run the boat all day anyways. So like its been said before you know your daughter, if she can handle the boat and everything else, let her take it.
  4. My dad has been bass fishing my whole life. I've been in the boat with him since I was 18 months old. Since my two brothers and I are pretty close in age to one another my mom would only let him go fishing if he took at least one of us with him. Later on we had to take turns because we couldn't all fish out of his 15'10" skeeter. The day I got hooked on fishing was on the Crow Wing River. I was 7 or 8, standing up in the front of the canoe pitching a small spinnerbait to any tree I could reach. I think I ended up catching 7 rock bass and a small northern, but I was hooked. Fishing with my dad after that I got hooked on bass. I'm 26 now and still chase bass every weekend we can with my dad.
  5. A Loomis GL2 Flip Punch rod is an awesome rod. Its a 7'5" Heavy Fast. At the very top of your budget though.
  6. Bassman55

    100 bass in a day?

    Opening day last year my dad and I were on the water at 5am. We left the first lake with 102 largies at 10am. We only counted the ones that were 12 inches or bigger and had 4 over 4lbs. Lots of fun. Another day a few years ago we got to 122 in a 10 hour day in June. The average size that day was about 3lbs. Both great days.
  7. 7lb 10oz Spinnerbait 5lb 14oz Swim jig 5lb 14oz Jig The first two came from ND on April 10. I got a long season in this year.
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys. I still got some more looking to do but I think that this one is on the top of my list right now.
  9. I've been looking at a few tents and I think I want to get a Eureka Timberline. Do any of you guys know anything about them?
  10. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and a jig. Thats about all I use once its true fall.
  11. Here is a pic of another bass with a thick tail, but I caught it well before the spawn in North Dakota. It went 7lb 10oz and was 21 3/4 inches long.
  12. Does North Dakota count? If it does 7lbs 9oz this spring on a spinnerbait. In MN 5lb 15oz on a jig.
  13. You'll love the Z-7. I love that one and they've only made improvements to it.
  14. Bassman55

    Got a few ND bass

    Bass season is always open and they are biting. Only about an hour into the day I hooked this monster on a spinnerbait. 7lb 10oz A little later I got a 5lb 14oz on a swim jig. Ended the day with a 5lb 5oz on a jig. Between my dad and I we had 9 that we weighed over 4lbs and a few more that we didn't. My biggest 5 would have went right about 27lbs. It was the best big fish day I've ever had.
  15. Bassman55

    Nitro Z-7?

    I have not had any problems with the carpet. The rod locker rod organizer is an option if you buy a new boat.
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