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  1. Remind me not to buy Matt's used ice auger!
  2. Do you mean vertical? I will go back and look at their entire selection.
  3. I just purchased my first one. I have not seen much discussion on this lure for fishing. Then also the chain hook ala carte purchase for other lure adaptations.??
  4. I left Richmond Lake last year of ice fishing. I was sure I had caught and Kept a total of nine bluegills and Crappies. I laid them on top of my portable and walk back to car about 100 yards and went home to clean fish. When I got to cleaning table only 8 fish to clean. I wondered if I had miscounted? Got back a day of two later and found that someone had left a nice nine inch bluegill on the Ice. I am about 100 % sure one of my bluegills jump out of my portable shed that night! Oops
  5. I have only been using these two styles of lures for about a year and I have done way better on the Ratsos instead of the Shrimpos. Color of choice has been the pink headed Ratso with a replacement white body. I did have a good day with a Rat finkee too this winter.
  6. Hey, thanks for the local flavor on this! I wish I could Fish today, maybe tomorrow
  7. I started tieing the knot that shows up in the WEB site your bobbers down. Try tying the Wolfram Jigs with a loop knot. it is describe in the sight. I now tie all the little jigs with this knot. I am using two pounds test yet so I don't know for sure how this knot will respond with the 1 lb. test line. I am dreaming about moving to the one pound test line because of the ease and strength on this knot. I used to tie the palomar for my knots and have change to this knot instead. Have great weekend! Sounds like some ice weather is coming.
  8. I fished New Years day with a buddy I socialized with until 2:00 am on 12/31/06. This was our 2nd annual New years day trip. We left town by 7:00 am. We had everthing along, W. Ws, Ms, E. Ls, and crappie minnows. The bait of the day however was mousies attached to a pink headed/white body custom ratso. We ended up with 3 - 9" inch perch and 3 - 9.5" inch Crappies. Plus a bunch of too small bluegills for harvest. Nice New Years day fishing trip. I stayed home the rest of they and ate and watched college bowl games.
  9. I just learned another life ice fishing lesson. A person must keep their euros refrigerated or they will pupate. (sp) I did catch one nice crappie on the remainder of non pupated euros last night. Holes I on punched on Wednesday night were still open last night. (Friday) I was wishing you would of got some additional cold weather before our snow!
  10. What are spikes? I read that in an article yesterday?
  11. I just wanted to start a post on everyones favorite panfish bait.(natural ice fishing baits) And of course any stories and incite will be appreciated.
  12. I must confess that I have switched to fishing for walleyes in this fall season. Casting jigs and minnows in and amoungst flooded timber. That has been working nicely!
  13. I had good luck tonight with a white and chartruese shad rap until a lost it on a submerged snag. I was casting in lanes on some flooded snags. I then had to switch to a shallow shad rap and again white and chartruese with a split shot above the invisaleader. Also had one nice Northern pike that I caught and released. Get ready for tommorow, a gusty Northwester is headed your way.
  14. Great day on Saturday! One mallard, two grouse, a limit of walleyes and home by 4 pm for wife's chore list! Great time with a friend and snacks at Dan's grocery :-) All in Eden SD Area
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