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    I'm reading all about how Frazier should be fired and then I glance down on the my my screen and I'm seeing a chick modeling Bad Idea T-shirts. Neuf said.
  2. Thanks for the comments, I fish almost exclusively with Husky jerk-baits (#12, I think) I am convinced the bouyancy of the bait and being able to keep in in the "fish zone" longer is what triggers the strike. Time of day does not seem to matter too much. Also, I always crimp the barbs when fishing C&R.
  3. [img:center] 26 inch caught a couple of years ago. Another one caught in same area This one causght the same day
  4. You must have had it in Demo Mode. I do it all the time to get my kids all hyped up.
  5. CAB

    opener reports?

    I fished the Vermillion yesterday. Nice rapala hatch going on. Caught two 19 inch browns and lost one much larger. Very nice day to get out.
  6. Here is my 1997 Pro V.
  7. CAB

    Jack is Back

    I don't know about you guys but when Cherry Jones (President Taylor) climbed up on her soapbox on the "Global Warming" PSA during a commercial break, I'm kinda hoping something really bad happens to her.
  8. I picked up a conversion kit from GM 2 weeks ago. ($149.00) Includes: Ice-Ducer, carrying kit, battery and charger. I have it on my 522 and IMO it works satisfactory. Word of caution. If you use it at night, use the low light level setting. After looking at the bright setting for a couple of hours at night, I had a square purple spot burned into my retna. After about 30 minutes, the spot clearned up but it made me a little nervous at first.
  9. I think he would be a good candidate for Procrastinators Anonymous.
  10. Why not just take an old tennis racket, remove the webbing and attach a net to it. I know it just would be the same though. Nice craftsmanship - you got skills!
  11. Lots of very nice images. I took this one when I was doing some sight seeing in Croatia in 2004. CAB
  12. Here is a plump 36" Rainy Lake Pike
  13. I guess to answer the question on how much it cost to charge the batteries and I am no expert in this area but say the battteries are 100amp batteries and he probably has 2 so 200 amp/hr x 12 volts = 2400 VA / 1000 = 2.4KW * $0.08/KW = 19.2 cents
  14. CAB

    MPG towing?

    I get 13-15 mpg using a Explorer 5.0 V8 pulling a 1775 Pro V. Using the cover on my boat and keeping it under 65, I can sqeeze another 1-2 mpg
  15. I didn't make it out until this evening. River was still over the banks so fishing condition were not very good. I managed a 16 inch brown and nice 22 incher. 22 inch Brown
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