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  1. Been waiting for one of these stories to pop up. I work in Wisconsin, and hear two every year. Seems as though a large amount of Wisconsin hunters are not good shots. Hear many more stories of tracking long distances. If a deer can go through your forty, through the next forty, and into the next one, and someone else shoots it, it is that persons deer. Personally, if I see a nice deer come in normally, and later some kid were to come by and say he nicked it, tough bounce. Learn how to shoot I guess. I have never tracked a deer that I shot at. Can either see it from the stand, or from the spot it was shot. No need to feel badly for bad shots, feel bad for the wildlife that walk off to die, needlessly. Teaching someone that it is okay to not put in the work and make a bad shot, but in the end you still get what isn't yours--those are the ones you see on the ten oclock news.
  2. Have two sets of antlers, and want to get one of those kits to put them on a board and have the velvet on there. Do you cut the antlers off, or drill through the skull part and screw into the plaque? Are there different methods, and which is better. Better brands? Just looking for any tips pointers. I have never really looked at one up close so is new to me. Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a pair of lighter weight boots. Easy for walking, and not overly warm when walking. They are slightly larger, and I stick a heat pack in the nose of the boot. Keeps the toes warm while not overheating the rest of the foot. Works for me anyway.
  4. docc8, I am in 178 as well, and was the best year I have had in the past four years. Most does, most bucks. Driving down the roads, same amount of deer in same fields. Saw all my deer in mid day. I am not seeing a lack of deer. Can't explain your situation, but goes to show differences in even the same zones. I am not in favor of this "everyone is ENTITLED to a big buck, opening morning" deal that is going on. It is work and luck. I guess I was never spoiled by hunting great areas. Small bucks, few and far between, some does, when you would draw a permit. Happy getting out, enjoying the time in the woods, and always felt as though I get what I get. Some people on farms had choices of bucks, great for them. I had less choices hunting public land, and it makes one more appreciative when you get one. It confuses me as to how only shooting bucks this year will make more bucks for next year. And like someone said, okay, more spikes/forks, well they will get shot as well next year. Not sure what the dnr is trying to do here. If people don't think there is enough deer, don't shoot any. No does, no bucks, and there will be more next year. Make it hunter choice for the happy ones like myself, and everyone will be happy. "Well our group only saw 20 deer so far", 20 deer?? Wholy dump, I would be greatful to see such a herd. Makes me wonder why so few people wonder what it is all about, just that huge buck? Or about being out in the woods?
  5. I am not sure what question you would ask a CO. Don't hold the loaded gun, and don't walk around in circles to move deer to her. Its really not rocket science, and its not the soviet union. Its not right to live in fear if you are not doing something wrong. So, by chain of events, if your children hunt, technically it was your creating them that allows them to hunt or fish, so technically you assisted them to do so-NOT! Do not let paranoia ruin your life! Sit and watch, no license. Tag along and help a little, buy the tag.
  6. I have been to the Forest Lake club a few times. Very nice people there. Great benches and rests. If you have a new scope, just bore sighted, they are helpful to move it over correctly one time, saves a lot of bullets. I would definitely recommend going there, and like others, encourage some type of sighting every year to make sure it is a good clean shot on the deer.
  7. Seems like a simple question, and was replied to as yes that is fine to do. If he implies that he will remove the apples, good for him. If he leaves some out, that is his choice to make. Doesn't really impact my life either way. I guess my thought would be as to the point or reason for "luring" deer by the camera. I am not a huge camera guy, fun to look at, but not necessary. If you see some deer but not many, I would rather try to figure out why--natural food areas, water, bedding areas, that may be a better place to hunt. I don't think a few apples will move a herd of deer for a few days, and when the apples are gone, will the deer be gone as well? I think the apple approach is trying to take a short cut to investigatory work that should be performed. Where is a deer most likely to be during gun season? That is the question, try different trails, fields. Put up a couple stands and trial and error, and hope for some good luck.
  8. So, took the floor up, and had that fitting, but was either just a fitting or the ball went back down the tank. So i got one with the check ball, and it did fire right up and seems to be better. Have to test it out on the lake though, hopefully soon!!
  9. I have seen that type valve when trying to check on this, and they made it sound like it was just a fitting. Doesnt make sense to me with such a rise in the hose to not have something to keep the gas up there. I now have another project!! But sounds like might be giong in the right direction now. Great replies, and pic too! A little disappointed no one suggested blowing in the end of the hose(yes, i can imagine what would happen). A little excited, did get the boat up from the back--10" deep rut to fix now, and did get it started. Some decent weather, and open water time for me! Thanks guys.
  10. Have to agree with most--bow up, and there is always a little in the bottom of the "V". The covers i have had dont really let much water in, if its tight and no spots for pooling. For mice, i remove any items that can be eaten or chewed: towels, clothes, candy wrappers, etc.. and just hope they stay out!! And if you have shop vac quantities of water, it is not so much a rib issue as the bow being too low, otherwise that much water would find its way to the back. 1-raise bow asap. 2-look into new cover. And for the price of a cover, it is way cheaper than water damage(i am stubborn myself to replace things).
  11. I tried 3 different types of bulbs, all dont seem to hold pressure well. Good point though, just cause somethings new dont make it good! Really dont like your hose idea--just because it is under the floor!!! Dang, well might have to take up the floor i guess. Thanks for the replies though.
  12. So you dont think there is any check valve on the tank fitting?
  13. I have a 15 gallon underfloor gas tank. I seem to have an issue with gas draining back into the tank. Have replaced the bulb/hose that connects from the splashwell fitting to the motor, and no different results. I had the floor off a couple years ago, and i didnt see any evidence of the hose being bad. So my question: Is there a check valve on the tank? Or is just the primer bulb supposed to keep the gas up? Not interested in any guesses, just first hand experience with this. Thanks! Mike..
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I have not seen regulations, but pretty sure there is always an exception.
  15. No exceptions for nuiscence animals causing damage?? Hmmm.
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