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  1. I just got a Marcum VS560 and noticed that the camera doesn't quite make a 360 turn. The first turn it is in the middle on the fin and on the return it is 2 inches away from back fin. I was wondering if this was normal.
  2. The pic shows how the rod fits into the retangle I cut from the hard plastic case the rod comes in. Look at how the jig is protected, I love it because I no longer have to spend time cutting hooks out of my Stone Legacy Bag. I use a sharp knife and start 1/8" about the UPC sticker (1 1/2" from bottoM).The width of the rectangle is an 1 1/4" and the length is 5 1/2" I got this tip from another fisherman and it has worked out great.
  3. Harvey Lee: Do you own a St. Croix Legend Ice Rod? You really can't compare the Avids and the Premier to the the Legend. It is in a totally different league.
  4. I would go with the St. Croix Legend spring bobber rod. I believe it is by far the best spring bobber rod on the market. The rod is designed to perfection. Look at the design of both and you will understand why I own three St. Croix Legend ice rods. I have never had a problem with the spring stretching. It takes seconds to push the spring out(with a pen tip) and change to a heavier spring. You have a choice of three springs and if you plan on using it on crappies and sunfish I would start with the 24" lite rod. If you do decide to go with the St. Croix, you can cut the plastic case so you can slide the rod in to protect your investment. Let me know if you would like to see a pic of the adapted plastic case.
  5. I've been bring my 7 and 9 year old out since they have been 4. When they were smaller I had to limit the time they spent on the ice to 2-3 hours. Now I fish with them all day. I keep them occupied with coloring books, books, a gameboy, hockey skates and sticks and of course lots of snacks. I never push them to fish and they only fish when they want to.
  6. I own 2 Tica reels I use for ice fishing and am not a big fan. They lack in the quality department and seem to be affected by real cold weather(reels in hard when fishing in the elements). The ultimate panfish combo is the St. Croix Legend Ice rod paired with a Daiwa Laguna 500. The pair will set you back around $120, however, if you want the best quality will have to pay.
  7. The best I have found is silicone Fusion Tape. It can be found at Menards's. It leaves no sticky mess like electrical tape does. Look for it near the electrical tape.
  8. I would go with a 2 hp auger. 3 hp augers are known to be hard starters in cold weather and you feel the extra weight after a day of drilling. I recently returned a 3 hp to Stikemaster and now I have a 2 hp Strikemaster Xpress lazer. Strike master has excellent customer service and they are fast. Are you moving to the Mankato area?
  9. Don't you wish that she would get pickled soon?
  10. "I told you he would be back after he saw the light." CPR Catch Picture Release
  11. I am a hole hopping freak and this creates some problems because so many ice fisherman are like sheep. I fish outside on the ice and about 85 percent of the time and people think that they can come up and fish right next to you. Last weekend I had a guy following me as I moved around in order to stay on top of the fish. He had the nerve to fish in a hole I drilled no more than 3 feet from me. He finally got drift when I bluntly told him that the reason I was moving so much was to get away from him. I try to stay away from the crowd, however, the crowd and their permanent houses alway seem to crowd me out of the spots my brother and myself spend hours finding. A couple of weeks ago we were packing up to leave our spot and a guy and his permanent zoomed up to our spot and the guy jumped out and saw that there were fish around. Needless to say this guy and a few of his other buddies now think that they are the owners of this spot. Please give me some space!!! This weekend I'm going to a little lake in order to get away from the sheep.
  12. I forgot to say: Are you able to fish outside without constant interference.
  13. LwnmwnManZ Are you fishing inside a warm ice house? I enjoy sitting outside and hop from hole to hole. Power Pro worked fine on the warmer days in Dec., however on the days below freezing I can't use the line because of the interference. Are any of you able to use Power Pro or any other super-line outside on cold days (below freezing)without any interference from your Vexilar or Marcum?
  14. Keystone- Are you using a super line? I've tried to use Power Pro and the vexilar picks up the line and causes to much interference. I would suggest changing to a mono line.
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