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  1. In view of the fact that Verlander's no-hitter was just the sixth in the 100 year history of the Tigers I do not think it was overblown. Over analyzed and over covered? Yes, but so is everything else in this age of multiple 24 hour/day sports channels. I swear that those ESPN guys must be paid by the word. Old Sneller
  2. WCT

    Stinger hooks

    A word of caution: stinger hooks are legal in Mn. but I think there is a restriction on length. I think the limit is 4 inches but I'm not 100% on that. Old Sneller
  3. Great thread, reading your post made me think we must be about the same age. I too remember the days when you didn't move once you got your hole(1) open. My earliest memories of ice fishing with my Dad involve lots of trips to shore to fetch wood for our on-ice warming fire. No shelters for us. At age 6 or 7 it didn't take long for me to tire of fishing and all that walking helped keep me warm and busy. Then on the trip home Dad would sometimes stop at one of the roadhouses for an adult beverage, and I would get a bottle of pop, something that I didn't get too often. I learned early on not to mention those roadhouse stops when telling Mom about my "fishing trip" My lifelong love of fishing is traceable to those days with Dad, just about the greatest gift any parent can give a child. Old Sneller
  4. WCT

    New Beachballer

    I think the most significant stat. you mentioned was 378 games piched. He will never be in the Hall but 378 puts him ahead of the vast majority of all the pitchers in history. He had to have been doing something right. Old Sneller
  5. Dave Parker? Just a guess. Old Sneller
  6. The Canadian Govt. publishes a whole set of "charts" of Lake of The Woods, I believe a full set is 9 or 10 sheets but you can buy only the one(s) you want. I got mine years ago at Center Island Resort. I'm sure if you check around you will find them for sale. Good luck. Old Sneller
  7. Casaloma Years ago there was a bar in Ashland's east end called Red's Casaloma just wondering if this is just a coincedence or is there some connection? Old Sneller
  8. Re: Ice Conditions I'm here at Lake of the Woods and the "ice" left on the lake is more akin to that which you find in a sno-cone than the ice you are accustomed to walking on. I think we can call the ice fishing season "a wrap" Old Sneller
  9. I've never seen one of Lake Assault's boats but from what I'm told they sound similar to Zag Fab boats built up in Gimli Manitoba. I have seen a few of those and they are quite impressive. All welded construction of very heavy gauge aluminum, virtually indestructable. You might want to check their HSOforum just for some comparison. Good luck. Old Sneller
  10. WCT


    Re: Viking offensive line Being the highest paid does not make them the best. Old Sneller
  11. I have been given the job of finding a new lake for our group's spring(late May/earlyJune)crappie trip. We have been doing this for a number of years and have moved around most of the state. This year we want to target a lake or lakes in the upper third of the state. Anyone have any suggestions as to where we can go with a reasonable expectation of catching some nice sized crappies? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks Old Sneller
  12. WCT

    ATV Tires

    I'm faced with having to replace the tires on my old Polaris wheeler. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start shopping? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Old Sneller
  13. The guy who mentioned marketing hit the nail on the head. Colored hooks is how they get twentyfive cents for a nickel hook. The idea that we can't catch 2007 fish with 2006 tackle gives fish credit for powers far greater then they actually possess. Old Sneller
  14. Try Googling Grand Rapids Manitoba. There are only a couple of resorts/outfitters in that area. I haven't been there for about 20 yrs. Fishing was outstanding then. With light pressure I would think it would still be good. Good luck. Old Sneller
  15. I'm sure that one of the old mine pits is correct. I believe that the deepest inland natural lake is Gabimichigama(sp?) in the BWCA off the Gunflint Trail. Old Sneller
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