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  1. the condensation is something I didn't really think about, but again, thanks for all input.
  2. we wouldn't heat the scent tent all time but it sure would be nice to warm it up in the morning before we get dressed. It's never fun to run to the scent tent in the morning in you underware when it's 10 degrees out. Thank you to all the have posted and let me know of any other insight on the subject.
  3. Flashman


    I have a 1watt cabelas LED, runs on 2 AA batteries I think I paid around $30 for it. Very bright very durable and small in size.
  4. we have a heater that we'd hook up to a 20lb tank but was curious to any smell. Thanks for the input.
  5. We spend a week in a tent during deer season, we have a wood stove in our sleeping/living tent but we were wondering about putting a propane heater in our "scent" tent. We're very conscience about controlling our scent keeping all of our hunting clothes in a separate tent to help eliminate odors from cooking and just plain living. We were thinking about getting a propane heater to warm up the "scent" tent and to help in drying things out but thought there maybe some odor from the propane heater? I'm looking for thoughts/insights on the issue. Please let me know either “Ya” or “Na”. Thanks
  6. I was going to pretty much say the same thing as Jon, Rusty would love it if you could hookup and do some fishing. He hasn't chased any Flatheads yet this year.
  7. I'd sure like to make it, I'll see what I can do. Maybe catch some kitties through the ice.
  8. I have a Remington Model 760 in 30-06 with excessive head space, I can close the bolt on a No-Go gage. I know it's unsafe to use but my question is does anybody know a good gunsmith that's capable of solving my problem? I live in Grafton, ND and would like to bring it someplace close but it's not absolutely neccesary.
  9. Hunted both Saturday and Sunday the 16th and the 17th 2 guys 12 ducks both days. Mallards, and gadwells mostly with a few green wing drakes mixed in the bunch. We didn't start until noon on Saturday and we finished the day well before shooting hours were over. Sunday we were at a WPA before shooting hours and we finished up by a little after noon. Mostly jump shooting sloughs, but we did some decoying on Saturday. We hunted north of Devils Lake.
  10. My biggest Channel so far 23.5lbs Drayton ND
  11. I'll plan on making the trip. Wiskers and I went out of Draton wednesday night, boated my biggest channel ever, 23.5lbs. That was a nice fish, there's no flatties up here but with channels that size I won't exactly go through withdrawls. I emailed a couple pics to Waste Water.
  12. We had one of the best openers I can remember. 3 of us filled up Saturday morning at 10:34;15 teal, 1 mallard a ring neck and a red head. Sunday we had 4 hunters, 15 ducks mix of teal and mallards and 2 spooners and a goose. Talking with others that were hunting around us we by far did better then them. Hunted the south shore of Lake of th Woods. I guess we were just in the right spot.
  13. Thought about shooting some of the little buggers but never did. We saw a lot of them around us. We had a bunch of Rails around too, they tempted us but Ike said they don't taste very good so we decided against it.
  14. Wild Willie, I had my acl replaced a couple years ago now. I had it done in aprill an I was canoeing in the BWCA at the end of May. All I can say is do your exercise they give you, stretch it out, it will hurt but you have to do it. I was at the gym on an eliptical running machine two weeks after the procedure, 3 weeks out I was doing a little bit of jogging. I don't normally run just for fun but I need to strengthen the leg. If you keep up with the rehab and stretching you'll be fine, if you don't do the stretching you will take a long time to get back to "normal" During my rehab I saw people that had the same surgury make little or no progress. I wanted to get back on my feet and get out in the field. work at it and you'll be fine.
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    I have a set of Pentax and I'm very impressed with the price... I have the 8x and Cootz picked up the 10x both are bright and clear and for the money I think you'd have a hard time beating them.
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