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  1. That is a downy woodpecker. Hairy's a much bigger, it would dwarf the feeder.
  2. I shot a banded redhead on 10/09 in north dakota. It was banded in Mirror AB. Assuming it returned there each summer, that duck had alread gone a long way when it was shot.
  3. Not a problem and thanks for the support . . . directions to your brother’s place would be appreciated along with hunting permission. [email protected]
  4. FYI on Adopt a Pothole from Delta's webpage: Delta's Adopt A Pothole Program was established in 1991, to link interested waterfowl enthusiasts with prairie grain farmers, the landowners who are ultimately responsible for managing more than 90% of all breeding waterfowl habitat. Landowners involved with Adopt A Pothole accept a 10-year lease agreement not to clear, cultivate, drain, burn, spray, graze, or hay the uplands and wetlands within the contract area. Areas surrounding wetlands are often sown to Dense Nesting Cover (DNC). DNC provides nesting cover for upland nesting ducks including mallards, teal, pintail, gadwall, scaup and shovelers. DNC is typically planted in areas that are marginally productive or in odd areas that are difficult to work. By reducing cropland acres in these areas, Delta helps increase the overall viability of the farm. Beginning in 1999, Delta began signing conservation agreements in Manitoba that secure wetlands forever through easements. Your contribution allows you to know that you've protected a prairie wetland forever. Delta also helps to restore previously drained wetlands. We target former wetlands that currently provide only poor to marginal cropland. Often a small incentive is enough to convince a farmer to convert these areas back to wetland habitat. Illinois Duck Stamp funds have been used to restore wetlands in Manitoba since 1996. We develop Adopt A Pothole contracts with landowners in Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota. The program suits most farm operations, because fields with potholes usually have some portion of marginally productive land. By putting marginal lands into permanent cover, the land is more suitably used, thereby reducing problems with soil salinity and erosion.
  5. Not trying to start anything, any conservation org. is good, we need more of them. You can find out more information at www.deltawaterfowl.org It's a decent HSOforum with an explanation for each of their programs.
  6. The reason why I'm a member is they specifically support duck hunting and helping conserve waterfowl habitat. Delta has programs that make sense: predator management, voluntary restraint, adopt a pothole etc. Not to make this a Delta v DU thing but DU is just a habitat organization. This will be a great banquet!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the guys on the committee are old DU or MWA committee members.
  7. I have some fond memories of Lac - I went to school in St. Cloud and hunting that area a lot in the early 90's. I'm sure things have really changed. I think it's still one goose, which I've never understood. The state is loaded with them, I know about the EPP. Maybe it would better if they stop protecting them (EPP), the don't seem as adaptable as the greater honks.
  8. Nolte - Read my post - anywhere in the eastern part of the state. There is very little pressure due to the lottery system for nonresidents.
  9. I've hunted waterfowl the last 3 years in SD. Where? Anywhere in the eastern part of the state. I hunt generally an area from Watertown over to Redfield down to DeSmet/Arlington. I would love to try the area around Sand Lake but for some reason our goup does not. I've never hunting for ditch chickens in SD, too busy with the mallets.
  10. I would rather have more than less water. Mallards (major nesting 'fowl in Minnesota) are agressive 2nd and 3rd nesters, they will nest again if they were flooded out. I'm still seeing many drakes chasing around hens. Things in South Dakota were dry last fall and really dry this spring. The recent rains are a good thing for all waterfowl.
  11. High water, about like last year. They have had lots of spring rain. Slow fishing.
  12. It would interesting to live in Sioux Lookout that is for sure. My family has a place on Abrams lake. There are two lakes right in town - Abrams and Pelican. There are also hundreds of miles of lakes and rivers from either one of those lakes. The largest town “near by” is probably Thunder Bay. In town there is a nice airport, hardware store, grocery story, and a good golf course. As for housing I’m sure you could get a great place on the lake for a relatively little amount of money compared to the states. As for the schools I’m not sure. I try and avoid going to town, my general impression is that it can be a bit rough. Let’s just put this way you would live there for the outdoors experience not the night life in town. There are however some terrific folks up there, really nice! Of course there is the fishing walleye (pickerel), pike (jack fish), smallmouth, muskie and whitefish. You could take a 30 min. boat ride and get away from it and not see another boat all day.
  13. I have a place in Sioux Lookout, ON and have been going there for over 30 years. In that time I've never been asked to produce a DL or birth certificate. . . . Only, “You are a citizen of what country.” BTW, I love the leading questions they ask, “How many weapons do you have”, “How many dozen leaches do you have” ect. . . . Maybe post 911 things are more strict, but I have not see it. Other than a cursory glance into my truck bed last year or a few more questions. I suppose have it on hand would not hurt.
  14. They will require on in 2007, I think. It's always a good idea to have one getting back into the US. Otherwise better get use to say "Eh" and drink Blue light
  15. Again the location could not be better with the current infrastructure. Hennepin county would directly benefit from having the Twins in the new location. There are many more bars and restaurants on that end of down town. What could be better: go to Champps or Old Chicago or whatever for a burger and beer then walk 2 blocks and watch an outdoor baseball game. I can hardly remember going to the old Met. We are talking about $1.50 for every $1,000 we spend. How much has the state dumped into the Northwest. Can you say going concern and chapter 11! Great investment for the state.
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