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  1. YourBobersDown

    Bass Photos

    Had a great time today on North Martin We will have to go out again sometime soon.
  2. YourBobersDown

    Bass Photos

  3. YourBobersDown

    Bowfishing opener is closing in!!!!

    Who wants to take me out! Come on it will be fun. I am fun to be around and I havn't killed anyone with my bow skills in years.
  4. YourBobersDown

    Bowfishing opener is closing in!!!!

    I just purchased the gear to go try this out. Does anyone fell like takin a new guy out this weekend and showin him the ropes? I have a boat if we need it otherwise I am open to shore fishing or fishing in your boat. Let me know [email protected]
  5. YourBobersDown

    Your favorite fish to target poll.

    1. Crappies 2. BoneFish 3. Bass 4. Northern 5. Walleye
  6. So no one has room for one more? I can help with gas bait whatever. I have my own gear just don't want to go it alone (kinda boring)
  7. I am still interested if anyone has room for a big ogre (a friendly one) I am still trying to get Dietz to go but I think he is gonna wimp out
  8. YourBobersDown

    Bass Photos

    It was soooo much fun. Bruised my left side but it was all worth it. I am going back in November for 2 days looking for someone to go with. (I would invite Dietz but he is too busy all the darn time"
  9. YourBobersDown

    Bass Photos

    1 more picture for good measure
  10. YourBobersDown

    Bass Photos

    Here is mine I caught on Tuesday of last week. lets just say I wasn't in Minnesota
  11. YourBobersDown

    Cool Cats 2009

    I will not be able to make it out there this year. Need to complete a job at the house. Hope you all have a good time and good luck!