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  1. Vman

    Dog food

    We had a lab for 13 years and always fed her Eukanuba. It worked really good for and I would definitely recommend it. We just got a new pup and someone recommended Fromm's dog. We are going to give that a try and see how it goes.
  2. Vman

    Breeder advice

    Thanks for all the replies. We have finally decided on a pup from a breeder in Rockford, IL.
  3. Vman

    AKC vs APR

    Thanks for all the replies. We went to check out the pups. The Dad was a great looking dog, not so sure about the mom. The house was really dirty and stank of urine. We decided not buy any pups. I think we will stick to AKCs only.
  4. Vman

    AKC vs APR

    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks. I suppose if we weren't interested in breeding her it would not matter, but, we may try our hands at a litter of pups.
  5. Vman

    AKC vs APR

    I was talking to a person over the phone who has a litter of yellow labs for sale. The father is AKC and the mother is APR. The owner registered the litter with APR. If we buy one of her pups and decide down the road to breed her, will we have any troubles with the fact that she would be registered with APR and not AKC? Thanks for the help. -Chris
  6. Vman

    Breeder advice

    My family and I are ready to start looking for a Labrador Puppy. Our main criteria is that it will have to be a grat family pet , but, also a pheasant hunter. I am looking for suggestions and recommendations for a breeder. Thanks, Chris
  7. Vman

    Classic Report

    sounds like Alton Jones and Bobby Lane catching 'em pretty good today. So far KVD with only one fish.
  8. I'm a little late, but, I got in too. Should be fun!
  9. I tried a bait this past season called a Boy Howdy. It's shaped like a minnowbait, but, has a prop on either end of it. It's a more subtle topwater, but, it really caught fish.
  10. Vman

    Shakey Jigs

    Chompers makes a flat stand up jig head that I think works really well. I've had goodluck using the Strike King 3x finesse worm with it.
  11. Vman

    Spro's Bronzeback Frog

    What color patterns do you guys like for frogs?
  12. Slyster, stick with the comidas. I've had so much success with them this season that I haven't opened a senko bag yet. I might have to try the dip-n-glow tip, sounds good.
  13. Vman

    On-Line Stores

    Great. Thanks for the help. Looks like I'll busy at work looking for bass stuff!
  14. Vman

    On-Line Stores

    Other than the Mister Twister HSOforum, of course...where do you guys shop online to purchase your lures/gear? Just curious. I'm looking to find some brands that aren't on the typical sporting goods shelf. Thanks, Chris
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